Duke will host Kansas in the final non-conference game of 2021



Duke starts the second quarter with a 7-3 lead, but has made two ball losses. On the second giveaway, the Jayhawks try to get more points on the board after winning a total of 162-52 yards.

Kansas has the ball at the Duke 20-yard line at the start of the game.


The Jayhawks’ Torry Locklin took a short pass from Jason Bean and stayed untouched for the remainder of the 18 yards to give the guests the lead.

Sales will do that to you.

Kansas 10, Duke 7

This subsequent possession makes Duke look very conservative on the game call. Holmberg tries hard to build a 3rd and 3rd and Duke can’t convert.

Cutcliffe holds the offense on the field and Durant bursts through to convert. Mutsy Call in your own 40.

The fourth injury break in Kansas in less than a quarter and a half has just happened. Duke drives it appears.

Blue Devils moved the ball further forward to Bobo – his fifth catch of the game and then Jordan Waters with a big run to the Kansas 11-yard line.

Mataeo Durant crossed the goal line from 11 yards, but the touchdown was nullified by a hold call against Jake Marwede.


Holmberg feigns surrender to Durant and walks into the end zone from three meters to give the Blue Devils a 14-10 lead.

Duke 14, Kansas 10

Jacob Bean and Kansas seem to have adjusted to Duke’s pressure, as Kansas was able to swallow many yards on that drive.


Kansas up to the Duke’s 36 yard line before the Blue Devil defense breaks again when Torry Locklin injures them again, this time left untouched for another long touchdown. There are 9:20 left and Jayhawk’s offense looked far more explosive than it did at the start of the game.

A reminder that Duke was a 16-point favorite before kick-off.

Kansas 17, Duke 14

The Blue Devils go three and out when the Kansas secondary school confuses Holmberg on the third down and forces a tackle well before the first down. Duke will poke.

Kansas penalties stop their drive, and then a fall of Bean stops the drive. Duke will get the ball on his own 36 to try to take the lead back.

Great play call from the TV timeout. The game action makes the defense bite and Holberg drops Brandon Hersh a cent for 39 yards.


Two games later, Holmberg finds Jalon Calhoun for a 26-yard hit to return the lead to the hosts. Calhoun caught the swing pass and then used blocks from his linemen and other receivers to jump to the goal line.

Duke 21, Kansas 17

Jason Bean continues to cause trouble for Duke. The Kansas quarterback takes a first down on a trick game and then dashes nine yards as the visitors cross into Blue Devil territory with 4:13 remaining in the quarter.

Bean now tosses it down, completing the pass to Trevor Wilson for a 42-yard pass with a great catch to give the Jayhawks the ball on the Duke seven-yard line.


After forcing a fourth down from the 1 yard mark, the Blue Devils cannot hold the line as Kansas crashes into the end zone to take the lead back.

Kansas 24, Duke 21

Duke has 74 seconds left in the first half. And remember, the Jayhawks will get the football started in the second half.

The Blue Devils stop and are forced to poke. Pinning the Jayhawks just outside the 10 yard line.


Duke follows Kansas 24-21 in the half.

Cutcliffe says his team can’t play “stupid games” and was a little uninspired at times during the media check at halftime.


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