Candace Cameron Bure talks about having ‘PTSD’ after her time hosting On The View


After 25 years on the air, The view remains a must-see for millions of viewers on television. While new co-hosts often appear on talk shows, the ABC series has been a revolving door in recent years. Some have stayed for years while others only stayed a season. The latter was the case with Candace Cameron Bure. While previously speaking about her time on the show, the actress has now spoken openly about how attending the political and social chat festival led to “PTSD”.

Though Candace Cameron Bure only stayed one season, her time on the show was eventful to say the least. She was the conservative voice on the podium, a position that led to some tense moments. Cameron Bure opened up to that Behind the table Podcast on how stressful the job was:

… the stress and the fear, I actually have a tingling sensation in my stomach at the moment. There was only one type of stress I have ever felt in my life that came from this show. And me [have] PTSD, I can feel it. It was so hard to deal with emotional stress, very, very hard.

Co-host or guest on The view can be a double-edged sword. While it’s a great way to cause a stir, a person’s comments or testimonies can lead to online backlash and controversy. Candace Cameron Bure’s comments have been reviewed on a number of occasions, resulting in a wave of negative comments on the internet. But for the seasoned TV star, it was more than the job and the subsequent comment that weighed on her.

the Fuller house The star’s lifestyle played into the stress of being The view. She gave a glimpse into the emotional struggle she experienced while juggling multiple jobs:

Much of it was just the fact that I was tired. I flew back and forth to LA every week … and it took its toll, the schedule took its toll on my body, affecting my emotional health. When I felt like I was going to a show that I didn’t have a clear opinion about, or something I was rightly nervous about because I had an opinion about it, but I knew I was the only one on that The show was a table that had my opinion that I would just feel sick. And I hated that feeling.

The pressure to talk about politics, of course, also took its toll. After all, the actress was known more as a Hollywood star than a political expert. While being a co-host was stressful, she doesn’t seem to regret her tenure on the show:

I honestly don’t know that I regret anything. I feel like there were so many wonderful insights from the show that, as difficult as this job was, I’m very, very grateful for it. My opinion, it’s my opinion. And maybe I said things better or worse on one day or another, but I have no regrets.

Fortunately, Candace Cameron Bure left the talk show with a semi-positive outlook. Since leaving The view, she was particularly busy with various Hallmark projects. Although the daily is celebrating its 25th anniversary this season, there is a chance that she could return as an innkeeper at some point.

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