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The Knights of Columbus-Fairmont hold fish cooking on Sundays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. This is the first event in the building since the beginning and end of COVID-19.

Fischkoch goes back two years before the Orphan Grain Train equipped the Knights of Columbus. When the Orphan Grain Train first came up with the idea for this fish cooker, the money raised was used to provide food, clothing and medicine in 69 countries. The people at Orphan Grain Train taught us how to use the equipment and how to cook. The equipment contained a 30-40 gallon stainless steel tank to cook all of the food.

“It’s amazing taste and everything.” “Big night,” said Cary Villeneuve. “When I first ate here, people were just surprised and the taste was great.”

The Fairmont Knights of the Knights of Columbus are constantly looking for various ways to raise and raise funds. One of the main components of their mission is charity.

The Knights of Columbus building has been closed due to COVID-19 restrictions. There were different methods used by the Knights of Columbus to raise money for different purposes. The Knights of Columbus have teamed up with Tamizu on Avenue to cook burgers in the parking lot on Friday for the winter of 2021. As a result, 480 burgers were made, offered, raised $ 4,800 and used for heating, electricity, and taxes in the Columbus building.

During Lent, the Knights of Columbus hosted three fish and shrimp events, each offering 300 custom dinners and raising $ 4,500. The money from there went to the Heaven’s Table Food Shelf, Hope Cafe and Northrop Baseball teams.

According to Birneuve, the Knights of Columbus plan to cook 100 pounds of potatoes, 40 pounds of pearl onions, 200 pounds of cod, and 35 pounds of coleslaw while serving dessert, French bread, coffee, and orange juice. to do. Villeneuve said he expected and wanted more than 200 people.

There is a US $ 15 donation to be eaten in fish soup. There are several ways to get a serving. There’s an option on the inside of the all-you-can-eat fish cooker and an option on the outside table. There’s also a take-away option where people can come in and grab a container of food.

What Villeneuve loves about this event is that it is new and different and the taste of the food amazes faces.

“I was a little concerned about the taste after cooking.” Villeneuve said. “Last year we asked people at the door how they liked it. They said they would definitely be there tonight next time. “

The Knights of Columbus are currently deciding where and better the need for the money from this fish cooker should be met. The Knights of Columbus are gathering to hear their views on where this money should go.

Villeneuve wanted to send the general message that most of the Knights of Columbus are doing charities here in Fairmont, donating money to schools, churches and other local areas. is. During the winter, the Knights of Columbus raised approximately $ 57,000 and donated it to St. John Biannie School.

“Most of the time and energy is spent on funding and local funding.” Villeneuve said “You see it now and you will see it in the future.”

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