Kmart’s $ 1 wooden eggplant toy banned by TikTok for being naked



A shopper who shared a funny video after discovering an accidentally rude children’s toy on Kmart was shocked when the clip was pulled from TikTok for “adult nudity”.

TikTok user @ tajsc008y shared a cheeky short video on the social media platform after discovering the discounter’s wooden eggplant toy, a $ 1 item for young children to play and study with.

However, the woman noted in her video that the eggplant emojis are often used to refer to male genitals, joking that Kmart was “realistic” with her sizes.

However, after the video caused a stir online, TikTok deleted the video for violating the “adult nudity” rules.

“Look how Kmart comes in with the realistic sizes,” she says while holding the toy.

Since it was released on Sunday, the video has been viewed over 100,000 times and has attracted a ton of hilarious comments.

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But the “cheeky” nature of the conversation caught the attention of TikTok, who claimed @ tajsc008y removed the clip.

In a separate video, she shared the clip again, this time writing, “TikTok took this down for adult nudity. It’s a children’s toy for the kitchen. “

As a result, many were outraged, one said: “It’s an eggplant. The mind is clearly in the gutter. “

“OMG, it’s a VEGETABLE, what’s wrong with it,” said one.

“That’s an eggplant, get over it, TikTok,” agreed another.

Others criticized the fact that eggplants have been “sexualized” since the spread of emojis.

Most of the time, though, people saw the fun side by tagging their friends on the video.

“I bought one for my brother and he thought it was funny,” said one woman.

“Oh Kmart,” laughed another.

“Realistic sizes hahaha,” posted someone else along with a skull emoji. has asked TikTok for a comment.

It’s not the first time Kmart has let shoppers down over an accidentally rude product. Most recently, US $ 9 worth of casual pants was described as similar to female genitals, earning them the nickname “vagina pants” from amused customers.

Kmart’s “Slouchy Comfort Pants,” a loungewear item with a baggy crotch area for comfort, had excess fabric that was puckered and creased between the legs, which earned some laughs.

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