Disney adults share what it’s like to be an adult fan



The fandom is also often surrounded by misunderstanding, criticism, and sometimes hatred.

Priya Chadha said she has seen criticism of Disney adults both online and offline.

Priya Chadha

Parker said she heard from critics that Disney adults are “weird and don’t live in reality,” while Chadha said she heard they were “childish and immature”.

“They think we have no real jobs, no real bills, and no real life,” Parker said of critics. “I used to be angry and frustrated, but now it’s like they just don’t know and I feel sorry for them. I wish they were here on my level of happiness and joy. “

Of course, many of these criticisms are shared online by “trolls,” as Duce noted. And as Buzzfeed recently reported, many Disney adults will tell you that they don’t care what others think.

But Disney adult bad reputations have spread across the internet, and some fans say the comments can reach them.

“I definitely judged a lot personally,” said Chadha. “I have a Disney tattoo on my wrist and pretty much every time I interact with someone, they either have a big smile or a very quick look of judgment.”

Rozy added that she found the review “so hurtful” because she found Disney adults “loving, caring and kind”.

“That’s the crazy thing about the bad reputation,” she said. “It’s such a loving community.”


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