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Mrs. Doc brought them an ice cream, but Doc and Charles weren’t that interested. Charles is Doc’s six year old grandson, and both Doc and Mrs. Doc found it fascinating to see the world after so many years with the fresh eyes and amazement of a young man.

But refuse ice cream? Doc had to smile because he didn’t even know it was possible. But the remote-controlled toy was undeniable. As Doc watched, Charles turned switches and pressed buttons, and the mysterious machine changed shape. It became a monster instead of a racing car and went over to scare the sleeping cat.

When the laughter finally stopped, they both agreed that it was worth it. Then the monster turned into a racing car again, shot across the floor and collided head-on with the leg of the couch. Charles expertly rejected it.

“Do you want to ride it for a while, grandpa?”

“No thanks,” said Doc. “I couldn’t drive it as well as you.”

And Doc knew it was true, even though Doc had been driving since the invention of the stop signs and Charles couldn’t yet. But Charles, an upcoming first year, had power in his hands. One day he would drive a car, and Doc hoped the remote-controlled car lessons for safety and fun would continue for years to come. Every now and then a man has to be in charge.

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