PetSmart rewards dog parents with triple reward points



From being pampered during a scary thunderstorm to storing their favorite toys (even if they’re dirty and tattered), dog parents would do anything for their pups. From now until August 29th. PetSmart rewards these committed dog lovers with three times the Treats points for every purchase of dog food or dog treats. Treats is PetSmarts free loyalty program That brings benefits like member-only discounts, free shipping on orders over $ 49, and points for every purchase you make. You can redeem Treats Points for discounts on products or pet services such as grooming, and you can currently earn 24 points for every dollar you spend on dog food or dog treats.

These Dental treatments provide a convenient and effective way to keep your dog’s teeth clean and fresh. They’re long-lasting (which means more cleaning time per treat) and can help reduce plaque, tartar, and other nasty bacteria in your dog’s mouth.

Use it to satisfy your pup’s chewing urges and taste buds Treat dog bones flavored like Serrano ham – a delicacy in Spain for your chic boy or girl.

Is Your Dog’s Current Dry Food Promoting Overall Health and Nutrition? this healthy and natural dog food is made from carefully selected ingredients such as chicken, blueberries, spinach and flaxseed that support immune system, digestive, coat and skin health.

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