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After months of work and fits and starts, ZENNIE62MEDIA, INC., Of which this blogger and vlogger is Zenophon Abraham, is ready to officially release the redesigned and reformed version of its flagship blog, The path to innovation was made easier by the team at (, the company that has been my server host since 2010 and is now ZENNIE62MEDIA, INC. serves.

While there are many thanks to ZENNIE62MEDIA, INC including our Chief Technical Officer Eva Crawford, the founder and CEO of, the incredible Linden Tibbets, and our family of vloggers, we’d like to extend our thanks in this post to the many people at HostGator Thank you for being a real team for bringing the current state of Oakland News Now up and running. This is thanks to Justin M., Charlie J., Josue Z., Michael M., Ben M., Sierra H., Jed S., and Albert S. for being essentially the extended technical advisory board and fire station of ZENNIE62MEDIA , INC.

Like the fires that erupted and extinguished during the testing of the Saturn 5 Rockets Apollo program in the 1960s, and the many explosions from Elon Musk’s spaceships, the Hostgator team worked in that role and solved problems today, the advanced.

Hostgator helped launch Oakland News Now or the USS Enterprise of Blog Media

The company out Star Trek: The Movie (Photo from

Aha Oakland News now much like the Starship Enterprise in how it was upgraded Star Trek: The Motion Picture and in JJ Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek. The idea behind the new Oakland News now is said to be the latest expression of a media perspective that I introduced when I started my blog in 2005 Zennie’s zeitgeistas I called it back then, even though it was actually I then restarted it as a WordPress blog called or simply but ran it as a news aggregator and presented news from 118 sources.

Why? The idea is that there is so much news that I want a place to find out what’s relevant and what’s happening through my lens. The desire to capture the zeitgeist, or the Zeitgeist, that’s what all of my main blogs were about, but Oakland News now represents this now and better than ever.

The reason for this is that, unlike other creations like, is based on the idea that the smartphone has enabled each of us, you and me, to get the news out in a way that no traditional media company cheap can reach. If you’ve ever attended a concert like me, the future of media lies right before our eyes in the people who hold up their smartphones to videotape part of an event or the whole business and post it on YouTube.

I say that a platform that focuses selected YouTube channels from news organizations such as KTVU, KPIX and KRON and NBC Bay Area on individual YouTube videos that depict different topics and then combines them with the smartphone-based video contributions from our own ZENNIE62MEDIA, INC., Vlogger Team, is the best way to get around the Zeitgeistst, today. So yeah, really is the latest version of Zennie’s zeitgeistbut the twist is that it’s from an Oakland perspective.

Our approach presented by Oakland News now, caused me to see message patterns that weren’t obvious before. ZENNIE62MEDIA, INC.’s allowed it Oakland News now to be innovative in ways that are way beyond the scope of this post so I’ll keep working on them until they’re perfected for now.

In other words, the real Oakland media landscape is made up of people interested in what’s happening on the ground, but the reality (and the data shows it) is that a lot of them are much more interested in a message that is in every part of. could be America or the world. In fact, the old twentieth century local newspapers (like Bob Maynards Oakland grandstand and even Warren “Chip” Browns Montclarion in the Oakland Hills and The Oakland Post Office by Thomas Berkley and Paul Cobb, today) understood this much better than many versions of the website today, even if they weren’t as technically advanced as is today.

That’s one of the reasons I always have a critical voice against the hyperlocal movement of the 21st century. Without going into detail here, hyperlocal just isn’t a financially sound way to get the news across. The fate of the San Francisco Bay Area efforts like The Bay Citizen proves it.

The Bay Citizen started with a $ 4 million investment and a big promise, but lasted only three years and burned through $ 11 million with nothing to show. Even though it was charitable The Bay Citizen The editor’s salary was more than $ 400,000 a year.

That said The Bay Citizen was a noble effort not to be forgotten. Yes, the presentation and the business model weren’t my thing, but my way of doing media wasn’t their thing. I am of the opinion that we should all support one another nonetheless. Oakland News now enables ZENNIE62MEDIA to present many YouTube videos as news that would not normally be seen in public, but that are just as valuable for all news work as anything else from mainstream media.

My obsession is building a for-profit media platform that focuses on using the latest technology to make the Zeitgeistbut from an Oakland perspective. The technical approach is complex, but in the words of Dr. Frankenstein, IT WORKS. I couldn’t have done it without the great people at Hostgator.

Thanks very much. Back to work.

Stay tuned.

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