Diwali 2021, let’s start our business without any barriers with Amazing Hostinger.


Diwali is an opportunity to give a new direction to our lives and to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Diwali is an excellent time to start a business.

Whether it’s a new company, new office, or new business, it should be inaugurated on a favorable day or ‘Shubh Mahurat’. In the shadow of COVID-19, the five-day Diwali festival began on November 4th.

Everyone believes that starting something in a happy time offers many benefits and helps you thrive. A good web host is the best way to start a new venture this Diwali.

Web hosting – what is it?

Web hosting is the basic infrastructure that connects your website to the internet.

You can publish your website files on the web using web hosting. As a result, you can share your website with anyone on the internet. Most often, you can get this service from a web host like www.hostinger.com

A web hosting service provider offers several advantages over hosting your server at home.

Starting your Diwali business online with Hostinger is a smart decision.

Why this Diwali? With the “DIWALI2021” discount voucher, you will receive an additional 7% discount.

Online businesses and e-commerce require the right “web hosting” service. Good hosting is necessary for a successful website as a fast loading website contributes to better search engine optimization.

Additionally, having a reputable web hosting service ensures that hackers and malicious attacks are avoided or minimized. How do you choose the right one for you among so many web hosting companies available? This is exactly what we will help you with in this article, and we can recommend Hostinger as an excellent choice for your web hosting too!

Hostinger: Why You Should Bet On It.

Consistent website availability and responsiveness are undoubtedly the most desirable features of a web hosting service. Since the speed of the website affects SEO and traffic, a fast and responsive website is essential.

At Hostinger you get MySQL, FTP & PHP with 3x optimized WordPress speeds. Along with these features, it also offers unlimited hard drives and bandwidth, making it one of the fastest website hosting companies out there.

A budget is an essential factor in choosing a product or service. At Hostinger, the customer pays for the web hosting technology, not the marketing. Unlike some web hosting companies, it offers the best price with its loyalty program instead of those who spend a lot on marketing and change prices by up to 200% after the first year.

Hostinger starts at just Rs.79 / month for single web hosting, Rs.159 / month for premium web hosting and Rs.279 / month for business shared hosting.

The CMS (Content Management System) of a website must also be optimized and fast and responsive. Hostinger tops the list in terms of CMS optimization, and its servers are optimized for various CMS, including WordPress, which is currently the leader in the field. Given the importance of the speed of a website or blog, Hostinger’s custom caching plugins and custom servers will help you get better performance. Plus, all of Hostinger’s SSD storage makes WordPress run up to 75% faster.

  • Host your domains for free and get a free SSL

Get a double bonus with free domain hosting and discounted web hosting. Hostinger’s Premium & Business hosting plans include free domain hosting and SSL. This is a very affordable way for a new business to start their website. In addition, Hostinger is an ICANN (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) certified member, which means there will be no fraudulent hosting or domain deals.

After all, Hostinger offers first-class security solutions. In addition, it offers free SSL certificates, high SEO rankings, and a business web hosting plan that offers the best security. You can enable your customers to use your ecommerce website with confidence by using a secure hosting platform.

  • Hostinger has other great features too.

As part of a good web hosting package, you will get a free website builder. Hostinger offers a free website builder as part of their entire web hosting plans! Using a free website builder is the best way to build your website without any technical knowledge. There are hundreds of free website templates created by professional artists to help you design your website. Hostinger’s website builder enables users to create search engine friendly, easy to use websites that are SEO friendly and easy to use in terms of keywords and user interface.

With Hostinger’s premium and business hosting plans, SSD storage space and bandwidth are also not measured. With its solid configuration of MySQL database, email accounts, and FTP accounts, it can also host any type of website successfully.

  • Hostinger is a global provider of web hosting services

Hostinger has offices around the world to bring you an unforgettable experience.

Hoster Review 2021: Is It Right For Your Website?


Compared to Hostinger, here are some web hosting companies:

Choosing between Hostinger and Bluehost is difficult, but the latter is more popular due to its age and reliability. When it comes to performance, Hostinger beats the odds with low prices. At the same time, Bluehost is focused on WordPress and business functions, but is not as performance-oriented.

There seem to be more similarities than differences. Let’s see how these two compare:





4.6 stars

4.2 stars


It starts at Rs.79 / month

It starts at Rs.179 / month

User friendliness:

Native hPanel control panel

Modern native dashboard with classic cPanel integration


100% uptime and 511 ms response time

99.99% uptime and 361 ms response time


SSLs, server monitoring. weekly / daily backups

SSLs and server monitoring


24/7 live chat and email

24/7 live chat and phone




Hostinger is a much better choice for shared hosting than HostGator. Not only are Hostinger’s shared hosting plans extremely affordable, but they also offer the best performance I’ve ever seen from a shared host.





Low prices and simple plan structures

Many similar plans may seem overwhelming.


A little more information about the technical functions would make the decision easier.

Tons of tech and cPanel for advanced users.


Excellent loading speeds and uptime.

Address concerns but without the details to back up claims.


Lack of detail.

Limited information but some representations


Fast and easy.

Fast and proactive.

You should choose Hostinger instead of HostGator on our list of the best web hosts for 2021.

Hostinger currently does better than SiteGround. The performance is better, the prices are much better, and the security and support levels are comparable.




Plans and Pricing:

Much cheaper than SiteGround for initial term and renewal, free domain name included.

More expensive than Hostinger for the first terms and managed services for renewals included.


Unlimited websites and bandwidth on most shared plans, proprietary control panel, free migrations (managed).

Unlimited websites and bandwidth on most shared plans, proprietary control panel, free automatic migrations (unmanaged).


SSD storage, LiteSpeed ​​web server, Cloudflare CDN, seven data center locations, great performance and uptime.

SSD storage, Apache and NGINX web servers, Cloudflare CDN with Railgun, six data center locations, good performance, excellent uptime.


DDoS protection, custom firewall, free SSL, spam protection, automatic weekly backups.

DDoS protection, custom firewall, free SSL, spam protection, automatic daily backups.


24/7 support via live chat, extensive knowledge database.

24/7 support via live chat, ticketing and phone; comprehensive knowledge base.

Hostinger offers the best value for money of any web host, making it the cheapest web host on the market.

Popular choices aren’t always the best. At least in this case, GoDaddy didn’t outperform Hostinger in any category. The alternative does much worse in every way: it costs more, has fewer features, and has terrible performance.

Hoster vs Godaddy Infographics 1138x2048 1

The opposite is the case with Hostinger. There’s no cheaper shared hosting service that doesn’t force you to compromise on features, performance, or security.

After all, with all of its powerful features, Hostinger offers bang for the buck within what it should be a great web host. Given the nature of the features and discounts on offer, this tagline is a good description of what it offers:

29,000,000 innovative customers trust our high-quality and affordable web hosting!

Check out hoster.in now or visit linkedin, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.


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