SEO in the Latin American market [Podcast]



What do you think of regionally oriented SEO campaigns? Latin America is one of the few markets where a single language is spoken in multiple countries on two continents, yet cultures, currencies and technologies can vary widely.

Creativity is needed to master the challenges of regional work. We’re here in person today to speak to Diana Martins, an SEO analyst at Hostgator who offers shared, reseller, virtual private server and dedicated hosting.

Diana joins Loren Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal talk about the challenges and opportunities of a targeted and successful campaign in Latin America.


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“Localization is very important because creating the content itself is a challenge. You cannot rely solely on the translation as you may say something that is inappropriate in another language. It is easy for the user to see when reading translated content. “

– Diana Martins

Her goal as an expert in search engine optimization is to create innovations by “creating difference”. Turn it on now.

[1:11] – Diana’s position in Hostgator

[4:46] – Language barriers in Latin America

[6:24 – Challenges in targeting in Latin America

[9:25] – What Diana is doing in Hostgator

[12:30] – What drives Diana in SEO

[15:33] – Working in marketing and IT

[18:06] – Opportunities for Hostgator

[20:30] – Hostgator classes


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[21:13] – Diana’s background in Hostgator

[22:21] – How IT helped Diana

[23:36] – Do you need an IT background to enter SEO?

[24:44] – Basic knowledge of IT

[29:17] – The benefits of working with a support group

[30:07] – Women in tech SEO

[31:44] – High SEO standards

[33:42] – Recommended tool for SEO ranking in multiple regions and countries

[35:50] – Learning in the SEO community

[39:27] – Online forums and communities for SEO

[41:46] – The trend of AI in SEO

[42:45] – Why Diana enjoys SEO

[43:39] – The role of Google in SEO

[46:56] – Compare robots with humans

[48:17] – Featured snippets from Google

[49:07] – Human and AI

“We are people who create content for people. We don’t do it for robots. AI cannot live without us because it is we who feed them. “

– Diana Martins

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Diana Martins is an SEO analyst at Hostgator, a Houston-based provider of shared, reseller, virtual private server and dedicated web hosting. She is also a member of Women’s SEO Support Groups, Women In Tech SEO, and Latinas SEO.

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