Is Megan Thee Stallion launching a sex toy line?

Corresponding Curls, rapper Megan Thee Stallion may be preparing to launch a line of her own sex toys. On May 28, 2022, an application for the trademark of the name “GOOD SEXXX” was filed filed of Thee Stallion’s Hot Girl Trademark Holdings, LLC with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Goods and services associated with the brand include “sex toys”; “Sex toys in the form of edible underwear”; “Adult sexual stimulation devices, namely, artificial penises, artificial vaginas, vibrators, and anal beads”; “Electric massagers, namely, electric vibrating massagers”; and “love dolls”. The current status of the application is “Waiting for review”.

If Thee Stallion wants to fish to get into the sex toy business, what loud Grand View Research, is expected to gross nearly $33 billion worldwide this year and over $62 billion worldwide in 2030, she won’t be the first celebrity to do so. Her predecessors include actress and entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow, who launched a Goop brand Double ended wand vibrator ($98) last year; Actress and model Cara Delevingne, who is co-owner and creative advisor of Lora DiCarlo, a sex toy company (spotted transporting a $390 sex bank with then-girlfriend Ashley Benson in 2019); Fifty Shades Star Dakota Johnson, Investor and Co-Creative Director of mad, a “sexual wellness” company; and Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss, the founder of bedroom candi, whose mission, according to its website, is “to destigmatize intimacy and self-love, advance sexual wellbeing and education, and empower entrepreneurs to find success and happiness in the business of pleasure.” Male celebrities have been less likely to move into the sex toy space. 2005, 50 cents said GQ that he wanted to make “a motorized version of me,” a vibrator that would be waterproof and “probably blue.” (As far as I can tell, 50 Cent’s motorized version never came to fruition.)

This isn’t Thee Stallion’s first foray into the branding process. Earlier this year, the USPTO awarded her a trademark for “HOT GIRL SUMMER” after a long two year struggle. Other marks of Hot Girl Trademark Holdings, LLC include “MEGAN THEE STALLION”, “COGNAC QUEEN”, “HOT GIRL MEG”, “HOT GIRL SEMESTER”, “REAL HOT GIRL SHIT”, “HOT GIRL, I DO HOT SHIT”, “HOTTIE WEEN” and “HOTTIE BOOTCAMP”.

The possible sex toy company is part of the performer’s expanding brand empire. Last year, she signed a first-look deal with Netflix to produce an upcoming series and other projects, telling Forbes, “Stepping into production is the next step in my journey as an entrepreneur and I can’t wait to to implement all my ideas in life and for my hotties to see.” “Hotties” are what the rapper’s legions of fans call themselves.

Originally from Houston, Thee Stallion is perhaps best known for “WAP,” her musical collaboration with colleague Cardi B, which references the graphic status of her privates. Thee Stallion has three Grammys under his belt: Best New Artist in 2021 and Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance for “Savage” feat. Beyonce in 2021.

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