Altra Federal Credit Union hosts one-day financial education camps

Altra Federal Credit Union will be offering three one-day financial education camps as part of its Cash Camp series at the William O. Beach Civic Hall.

All camps are led by Altra staff and include hands-on learning experiences with age-appropriate activities, games, and discussions. Snacks, refreshments and lunch are included.

Dollar$ & ¢ents Camp

Offered to 7-8 year olds, works on developing a basic knowledge of the history of money, what money is, how it is used and made, and basic concepts of spending. Dollar$ & ¢ents Camp will be held on Tuesday, June 28 from 9am to 3pm

Super saver camp

Offered for 9-10 year olds and helps build a foundation for important financial concepts such as: B. the importance of budgeting and the distinction between needs and wants. Super Savers Camp will be held on Wednesday 29th June from 9am to 3pm

Money Smart Camp

Offered to 11-12 year olds, it develops their money management skills by covering topics such as creating SMART goals, basic credit concepts and basic money growth strategies. The Money Smart Camp takes place on Thursday, June 30th from 9am to 3pm

While each camp builds on skills learned in previous camps, having attended previous camps is not a requirement.

“All of the camps we offer are great ways for kids to start small by understanding the basics of money while also having fun and making new friends,” said Danielle Anderson, youth strategies manager at Altra Federal Credit Union.

Each camp is free to attend and is held at the William O Beach Civic Hall at 350 Pageant Ln, Suite 201, Clarksville, TN 37040.

No membership is required to attend our camps, but registration is required to secure your spot as sessions are limited to 24 participants.

If you are interested in attending, you can register online at Please note: the content covered in each camp is designed for specific age groups. Please ensure your child fits the camp age group before registering for the event.

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