How much did the OnlyFans Adult Content App pay the creators?


OnlyFans, the adult content serving social media app, has reported 180 million registered users and 2 million content creators.

OnlyFans, known for hosting adult content that some call pornography, has reported a sharp surge in user numbers during the Covid lockdown. The website has 180 million registered users and over two million creators worldwide. The portal has paid over $ 5 billion to content creators since it was launched five years ago, it said.

Despite an increase in user numbers, the social media platform has been criticized for not doing enough to prevent underage users from selling explicit content. In August 2021, under pressure from its banking partners, the site changed its policy. She has announced that she will ban all sexually explicit photos and videos from October. However, it received a backlash from its users, causing OnlyFans to suspend the policy change a week later.

OnlyFans was founded in 2016 by Tim Stokely. The site is a social media platform where musicians, fitness trainers and celebrities upload their followers for tips and visual content. But it’s best known for allowing adult content creators such as porn stars and sex workers to charge for sexually explicit photos and videos. The website charges a 20% commission on all payments made to content creators.

In the meantime, Stokely has stepped down and appointed a new female executive director, Amrapali Gan. Stokely shared the news via a social media post in which he said he is stepping down “to pursue new endeavors”. He added, “I’m handing over the baton to a colleague and friend who has the vision and drive to help the organization achieve tremendous potential.”

Speaking to the BBC, Gan said she was proud to take on this role and looked forward to working closely with OnlyFans’ creator community to help them maximize control over their content and monetize it. She called the portal “the most secure social media platform in the world” and said that the company offers its creators and fans “a unique experience”.

Ms. Gan also announced that the company will increase its investment in its free streaming app, OFTV, and bring new tools to the market for YouTubers.

She joined OnlyFans in 2020 as Head of Marketing.


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