Sandwich returns for farewell tour, last bite

McDonald’s McRib is back for a limited time. Photo: Kelly Tyko/Axios

McDonald’s Iconic Barbecue Sandwich — the McRib — officially returns to participating restaurants across the country today for a “Farewell Tour.”

Why it matters: The McRib’s arrival comes days after the fast-food giant reported growing traffic in its US restaurants despite higher prices.

In the meantime, The quarterly results released last week did not include McDonald’s popular October promotions Cactus Plant Flea Market Meals, Halloween Bucket to start one Test with Krispy Kreme.

Between the lines: The pork sandwich debuts as frozen pork shipments rose 14% year-on-year, with pork belly stocks up 183% year-on-year, according to a recent USDA report.

McRib price varies by restaurant

how much do you pay for a McRib can vary greatly depending on the region and location, as a price analysis has shown.

  • Axios sampled prices using the McDonald’s app at more than a dozen locations across the country.
  • A McDonald’s in Phoenix, Arizona had the cheapest McRib at $3.89, while a San Francisco location sold it for $5.99, higher than Axios in Los Angeles, Miami and New York.

Zoom out: The newest consumer price index showed that total pork prices increased by 6.7% in September compared to the same month last year.

McRib’s farewell tour might not be the last

Flashback: McDonald’s held a “McRib Farewell Tour” in 2005, QSR Magazine reported, and the “McRib Farewell Tour II” in 2006 according to a press release.

What you say: Last week, McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski called the McRib “the GOAT of the sandwiches on our menu,” referring to the acronym “Greatest of All Time.”

  • “And like the GOAT of Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and others, you’re never sure if they’re fully retired or not,” he said during the Oct. 27 earnings call.
  • “As with any true farewell tour, we hope this isn’t a ‘goodbye,’ it’s a ‘see you later,'” McDonald’s said on its show press release.

Yes but: McDonald’s has taken time off over the years to release the McRib nationwide. When it returned in 2020, said the chain It was the first time it had been available in restaurants nationwide since 2012.

The McRib merch line will be released on November 4th

As part of the farewell tour McDonald’s said it will be launching a “nostalgic McRib merch line”.

Details: The line of “limited throwback-inspired merchandise” will be available on a corporate website starting at 11 p.m. ET Friday.

McRib end date

The McDonald’s website for which McRib said last week to “get one while you can” and order in the app for delivery or pick up “before you say goodbye” on November 20th.

  • A possible final day is no longer listed on the website, but expect limited supplies.

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