Man Turns Staircase Closet Into Elden Ring Oasis: “I Can’t Believe The Difference”

A tiny closet got a man cave makeover and is actually kind of perfect.

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TikToker @chloe_97xo and her friend have a hometown with a small cupboard under the stairs. It was so cramped and neglected that it was the kind of closet Harry Potter might have lived in. But with some paint and thoughtful changes, her boyfriend transformed the cramped space into a fully functional man cave.

In The Know, cover star Storm Reid reflects on being a “student of life”:

“My boyfriend decided to turn our under the stairs closet into his new man cave. Can’t believe the difference,” the caption read.

The closet was small and unassuming. It literally wasn’t big enough for him or an adult to stand in. Thankfully, you don’t have to be standing to play elden ring.

He painted the walls green, installed strings of blue lights, and put up shelves. Finally he added his computer station and To play Chair. It’s not just a cute setup, it’s a vibe.

The Man Cave Makeover has garnered 2.6 million views so far tick tock.

“Imagine you have family or friends over and they say, ‘So where’s your friend?’ ‘Oh he’s just in the closet under the stairs’” one user joked.

“When I say it’s really my dream to have a place under the stairs,” another said.

“Elden ring you will hear screams from the stairs all night lol”, someone commented.

“Make what he’s got work! Kudos Brotha!” one person added.

“You do with what you have. Absolutely love it,” one TikToker answered.

Watch this Brooklyn bedroom go from drab to fabulous in a day:

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