I’m a Deal Expert – You can save $2.30 on a raising cane’s favorite by asking for an easy replacement

A SAVINGS expert shared his hacks for fast food deals this summer, including a hack for a fan favorite at Raising Cane’s.

The Deal Guy, as his name goes Youtube channelspilled ten hacks for your favorite fast food joints.


This raising canes hack will save you money on the drive-thruCredit: YouTube/The Deal Guy
Opt for the larger combo to get the same amount of food cheaper


Opt for the larger combo to get the same amount of food cheaperCredit: YouTube/The Deal Guy

If you’re a Rising Cane fan and like the three-finger combo, this secret is for you.

First, order the Caniac Combo, which includes six chicken strips, french fries, two cane sauces, and a side of coleslaw.

Then ask to replace the coleslaw with extra fries.

For $14.69 you have the equivalent of two $8.49 three finger combos.

I'm a savings expert - a slight change to one of Wendy's favorites will save you $2
I'm a deals expert - my Pizza Hut hack will save you $8.50 on a large pie

This will save you about $2.30.

This next secret will save you nearly 50 percent at Pizza Hut.

If you regularly order a pizza that you create yourself, it starts at $12.49.

If you add the toppings, you’re looking at $20.49 for a large pizza with pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, and onions.

Order the $10 Tastemaker pizza instead.

It’s still a large pizza, but up to three free toppings are included.

The same pizza would cost $12.00, saving you about $8.50.

This hack by Wendy will not only save you money but also bring you a profit.

Dave’s single burger is $5.19.

Order a double stack instead and add tomatoes and lettuce.

This will only cost you $3.09 and will save you about $2.00 with an extra patty.

If you want a Chick-fil-A dinner with a McDonald’s dessert, check out this next secret.

This hack gets you a Chick-fil-A equivalent of the McFlurry, and you get a full meal with it.

Order a Chick-fil-A kid’s meal of your choice, which is a sizeable portion of food.

Ask to replace a toy with a sundae.

Then ask the staff member to put cookie sprinkles on top.

A surcharge of 30 cents may be charged for the sprinkles.

You can get fries, a drink, chicken nuggets, and a copycat McFlurry for $5.39.

Bonus Hack: If you want some free bacon as a treat, head over to the mobile app.

If you’re customizing your sandwich, skip the $1.34 “Add Bacon” icon and instead go to “Special Instructions” and write “Bacon.”

This hack is a bit riskier and may not always work.


Jimmy John’s French Bread has the next secret to a delicious and affordable sandwich you can make at home.

Walk up to a Jimmy John’s in the morning or late at night and ask for bread that’s barely a day old.

At some locations, you can get their 16-inch bun loft for between 25 and 50 cents.

You can then use this bread to make your own Jimmy John’s sandwich.

If you don’t want to make a sandwich at home, head to Subway and take advantage of summer coupons that give you free subscriptions or a percentage of your order.


For that next secret, head over to Dairy Queen.

You can save $2.00 on this hack and get a free dilly bar.

At Dairy Queen, the kid’s burger is the same size as the burger in the adult meal.

Order a kids’ cheeseburger menu and ask for a soda instead of the milk or bottled water.

This exchange should be free.

Your grand total is $5.39, and you get a full-size burger, fries, a smaller drink that you can refill, and a dilly bar.

Adult meal is $7.49.

That’s about $2.00 you could save at Dairy Queen.

The same hack applies to the burger chain Freddy’s and there you can save more than $3.00.

Order the kids’ cheeseburger combo at Freddy’s for $5.39.

To make this the same as the Single Steak Burger Combo, ask to add mustard and onion for free.

The adult version costs $8.59.

Since the kids meal is cheaper and you get exactly the same portion in addition to the drink that you can refill, this is definitely the better meal deal.


This next hack involves receipts from fast food restaurants.

These receipts are filled with opportunities to get free groceries.

If you don’t want to give out your personal information without risking getting spammed, there’s a hack for that too.

Apple has a built-in feature in its email program where it gives you a temporary email address that you can use to receive and opt-out of email whenever you like.

There are equivalents for Android users like Simple Login.

For this next secret head over to Burger King,

If you can’t decide between fries and onion rings, you can go for half and half. Sometimes these are called frings. You can get them at no extra charge.

Pro tip: If you have a favorite fast food joint, download their app.

The deals on these apps are worth the phone storage. You can get money for items, free food rewards and more offers.

Paypal also has discounts for your favorite fast food restaurants including discounted gift cards.

This next secret is a hot dog hack at your favorite hypermarkets.

Costco and Sam’s Club have some of the largest hot dogs on the market for only $1.50.

This includes a free drink and you don’t have to be a member to get this great offer. Just make sure you go through the exit and then make your way to the food court.

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Other hot dogs are smaller and cost over $6, so you can’t beat this deal.

This Lask hack is for Starbucks.

If you want to give your kids or dogs a little treat, ask the barista for a free portion of whipped cream.

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