Glendale hosts the Peoria Youth Fire Academy throughout the week

Glendale, Arizona (3TV/CBS 5) – Have you ever wondered if you have what it takes to be a firefighter? Some kids from the Valley are hearing about it firsthand this week at the Peoria Youth Fire Academy.

The summer camp, held in Glendale, teaches children ages 16 to 19 the lifesaving techniques used by firefighters on the scene, from extrication from cars to rappelling. The free academy also covered search and rescue, team building, hose power management, educational opportunities and more.

Arizona family meteorologist Ian Schwartz visited the camp and spoke to some of the campers. “It’s a great program for them,” said Capt. Danny Comella. “They start out a little shy and now they work as a team, as you can see out here today.” He added that many campers become firefighters after high school. “They basically become a family, just like at a fire station,” the captain said.

A camper named Kyle, a recent graduate of Mountain Ridge High School, said the camp was great. “Couldn’t ask for a better day,” he said. “I turned 19 not that long ago, so I’m going to do my EMT license, then hopefully my Fire I and II and see if I can come to the Peoria Department.”

To learn more about summer camp and other opportunities, click here.

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