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Work by artists from local Visionaries + Voices will be featured on Bounty paper towels.

Typically, artwork isn’t meant to be touched, but that’s not the case with a new line of Bounty paper towels.

Produced by Cincinnati-based Procter & Gamble, the homeware will soon feature the work of artists at local nonprofit Visionaries + Voices, whose mission is “to provide exhibition opportunities, studio space, materials and support for more than 125 visual artists with disabilities.”

P&G Communications Director Mandy Ciccarella tells CityBeat via email that the partnership came about after a Bounty lead designer attended an art class at V+V’s Northside studio. after class, V+V says on its website that Bounty and its creative agency Sterling Brands met with V+V Creative Director Karen Boyhen and Exhibitions Director Skip Cullen to view the “drawings, paintings, ceramics and surface design art created in the inspirational style of our artists” and Bounty called it’s a “treasure find”.

The experience prompted the creation of the Bounty Prints Inclusive Artist Project, says Ciccarella.

“Bounty celebrates a diverse group of eight artists from the V+V studio – to showcase the artists’ style, their stories, their passion and most importantly their art,” says Ciccarella. “We’re proud to use our voice to champion the careers of artists with developmental disabilities and celebrate their talents in front of millions of consumers.”

The specially printed towels are “rolling out now,” says Ciccarella, and will be on the shelves of Sam’s Club, Meijer and Kroger in the US by September.

The eight featured V+V artists include Leah Davis, Tyler Spohn, Elmer H., Ruth Burton, Neil Dignan, Catherine Whited, Kevin White and Michael Bartels.

“Each artist has their own unique style and artistic inspiration that we knew would make for a one-of-a-kind collection,” says Cicarella.

Artist information as well as V+V information will also be accessible via a QR code on the Bounty packaging. It is also available on the Bounty website, and V+V is currently sharing participating artist resumes on its Facebook page.

A release party for the Bounty Prints Inclusive Artist Project is in the works to be held at the V+V studio in Northside. Follow for news and details.

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