Twice in 16 days – Landhaus deli vandalized

For 45 years, Bismarck has had the pleasure of having this location at 1045 E Interstate

We see it all the time, as the years go by, some businesses come up, stick around for a while, and then one day they’re gone. New owners can come along who completely change the face of their store and take a completely different direction. What started out as a cheese and charcuterie shop has grown into a reliable, fun and unique restaurant since 1976. Think about it, 45 years in the same place. This is quite rare, families from all over the neighborhood have basically grown up with this charming place. But what happens when vandalism comes into play? Completely destroys everything large.

Pete Conlin had a tough 16 days

Pete Conlin has owned Country House Deli for 8 years. That kind of experience is hard to come by in the competitive world of running a business. They say that the first year is always the hardest. Last month on the 27th the Country House Deli Facebook page posted the following: ‘Discovered this morning that our outdoor compressor to our chiller has been sabotaged. Someone left us a gift by cutting the coolant line. It was very obvious and intentional “Amateur kids fooling around I doubt. Just this morning another troubling post…”CLOSED TODAY>>>WE WERE HIT AGAIN -The vandals came back with a vengeance and it appears they are looking for copper. Our compressor has been shut down again and most of the ventilation equipment for the building was either stolen outright or burned out. We have made a report to the police.”

“I would hope that someone out there would notice something unusual and report it”

The Country House Deli is located in a small business district that is attached to other businesses. Sometime after 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. this morning, targeted sabotage took place. The frustrating part is that the people involved seemed to know exactly what to aim for and how to go about it. Pete told me on the phone this afternoon, “I would hope that someone out there would notice something unusual and report it.” I hope the same.

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