The Riverview Retirement Community hosts a resident art exhibit

Photo Credit: Riverview Senior Community

SPOKANE, Wash. – The Riverview Retirement Community is showcasing the fascinating artwork of a local senior.

The Riverview Retirement Community is hosting its first art exhibition of 2022 from now through April 4. It will feature many artworks by Jean Mehlhaff, a longtime artist who has a long background in painting.

Mehlhaff attended the School of Industrial Arts in Manhattan, New York and worked at the Yellowstone Art Center in Billings, Montana for 35 years. Mehlhaff’s father was an artist and taught her art from a young age.

Mehlhaff’s painting “Dream Street” shows her mother pushing her in a stroller through the streets of New York City in 1937. The watercolor is based on a real photo of her father.

Jean Mehlhaff and

Photo Credit: Riverview Senior Community

She also teaches an art class in Riverview for the people who live there. She hopes to demonstrate the beauty of the “art lifestyle” to others through her teachings.

The Riverview Retirement Community hopes the public will stop by and take a look at Mehlhaff’s work and many others.

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