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We feel a little philosophical, so puzzle us: if a tree falls in the forest, does anyone hear it? And if you don’t have a website of your own in the crowded wilderness of the World Wide Web, do you even exist?

Good yes. The answer is obviously yes to both. But just like that mighty tumbling oak, there will be no one to marvel at your size and sing your praises unless you have a nice little corner of the internet to promote yourself. Billions of people surf the Internet every day, all over the world. That means there are billions of potential eyes to discover your talents and thoughts, and just as many potential pockets that may be ready to open when you have a service or product to offer. So how do you even create this place on the Internet today?

Finding a web host is one of the first steps in getting your personal or business website up and running. However, it can be a bit expensive to find a good web hosting service if you’re not really sure what you’re looking for. After all, do you really need unlimited storage space and email? If not, you definitely shouldn’t be paying the premium price for it.

Whether you’re running a small business, promoting your talent, or just blogging for fun, you just don’t want to spend a lot of money on a web host that offers a lot more than you really need. At the same time, some of the free options may not provide all of the features you need for your website.

Fortunately, there are many inexpensive hosting options out there, and many of them come in the form of inexpensive hosting plans from trusted, reputable providers (the same ones that larger companies use for their larger needs). These budget hosting plans may have fewer features or less storage space than some of their premium counterparts, but they are still perfectly adequate for smaller needs. And if you choose a web hosting provider with a wide range of plans, you can always upgrade in the future as you need to scale, with much less headache than switching to a new hosting service entirely .

With this in mind, keep in mind that not all cheap hosting services are created equal, and there is still a lot to consider before you hire one to make your claim on the web. But don’t worry, we’re in the process of answering some of the most common questions you may have so that you can make the best possible decision for your affordable web hosting needs.

What is a web host?

Put simply, a web hosting company offers its customers the option of using their servers to store their files and deliver them to the web in the form of a website. In this case, we’re specifically talking about cheap hosting options so that, ideally, you can launch your website without paying out. Unfortunately, it means that some of the best web hosts haven’t quite reached that threshold.

However, when it comes to cheap web hosting options, the price is really relative. For example, a shared hosting plan is far better on your wallet than opting for a VPS or a dedicated server.

What is the difference between cheap shared hosting and dedicated hosting?

Shared web hosting means that your site is hosted on a server with other people’s sites. No one else can see or touch your files or anything like that, but they all share the same resources (i.e. storage and bandwidth), which effectively lowers the individual cost of hosting them there. On the other hand, if another site receives a lot of traffic on your server, since you are all sharing the same space and resources, it can degrade your site’s performance. In the case of a virtual private server (VPS), the space is still shared, but by far fewer sites, so you will have far fewer performance issues due to your server mates.

Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, gives you a server all to yourself, so you don’t have to worry about others hogging your site’s resources. However, this comes at a high price and is simply not a viable option for a cheap hosting plan. However, if you’re looking for cheap web hosting, you probably don’t need such extensive resources for your website anyway. For the best bargains, you can likely find a shared hosting plan or WordPress hosting instead.

What is WordPress hosting?

If your website’s primary function is to essentially run as a blog, your best bet is to go with WordPress hosting, which offers some of the cheapest web hosting options you can find. WordPress itself is a free open source content management system (CMS) that is particularly suitable for creating websites and blogs. You can do the entire creation and design of your website via your CMS and then set up a camp on the World Wide Web with a WordPress host. This particular type of shared hosting plan is optimized to make transferring WordPress CMS to your host’s server super easy, and they usually take care of all of the backend updates and technical stuff, so you don’t care about anything but yours Gotta take care of content.

What can you reasonably expect from a cheap hosting plan?

Whether it’s a portfolio to showcase your talent, a website to run an e-commerce business, or a simple landing page to advertise your business hours, contact information, and services, your needs will ultimately determine what parameters to look for in a web host. Obviously, if you upload a lot of pictures or videos, you will need significantly more storage space from your web host than a simpler, mostly text-based website.

With a cheap hosting plan, you will likely get between 10 and maybe 25 GB of storage. That should really be enough for most websites, although you should look for an unlimited storage option if you have a lot of high-resolution media files to upload. Some cheap hosting plans offer unlimited storage, and you can potentially earn a lot for the first few years before prices rise at the time of renewal. Although you will be paying extra at a later date, this might be a consideration if you anticipate future growth.

As for website traffic restrictions, you will find that most hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth even at their cheapest plans. In simple terms, this means that you will not incur any additional costs or restrictions due to the traffic coming into your website. You may also see references to unmeasured bandwidth, which is essentially a set bandwidth that allows you to transfer as much data as you need. The maximum server speed may be limited, but there are no additional heavy traffic charges.

Most budget hosting plans also include a free domain for one year and a free SSL certificate for your site. (This is the Secure Socket Layer, which encrypts data and makes websites safe for surfing and e-commerce.)

What are the non-negotiable when it comes to low cost hosting?

No matter how much disk space you need or how much you pay to host your website, any self-respecting web host (cheap or not) should offer solid support options to their customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You don’t want to be caught if your site is down, period.

By the way, that brings us to another area where you should definitely not compromise when choosing a cheap hosting service. Perhaps the most important point to consider is your web host’s uptime. If your website goes down, your audience or customers cannot reach you, resulting in lost sales and opportunities. Obviously, you want to avoid this situation at all costs, but you shouldn’t have to pay for this decency either. (Seriously, your web host only has one job – hosting your website – so reliable uptime isn’t asking too much.) Fortunately, most web hosts do a great job of meeting their guarantees of 99% uptime or better, and we will do not misdirect in our recommendations.

What to consider when choosing a cheap web hosting plan

To keep costs down in the long run, read the fine print before deciding on a cheap hosting plan. Most web hosts offer multiple levels of service, and they could sweeten the deal with a more expensive plan with introductory offers and a temporarily lowered price that makes it seem like a better deal. And that’s it for now … until it returns to its regular monthly price and you have to pay for a number of features that you actually don’t need. You’re often better off sticking to the lowest option as long as it has all the features to get your job done (even if it costs a little more than this shiny advanced package for the first few months).

Also, keep an eye out for plans that require you to commit to a long term contract for the lowest monthly price. Unless you have a clear understanding of what you need over time, or how much your website can grow, you probably shouldn’t be getting into a multiannual plan.

What is the best and cheapest web hosting service?

Now that you know what to look for, we’ve rounded up some of the best cheap web hosting plans to suit a wide variety of needs so you can get the best value for money.

These are the best cheap web hosting services in 2021.


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