The 18 Best Deals: Office Chairs, Sex Toys and Tech

We are on the on the verge of several spring breaks, but none of them are special shopping oriented. That doesn’t mean there aren’t great deals out there, though. In fact, this weekend we found a surprising number of discounts across a variety of categories, from the best deals on gaming gear to sex toys, office chairs, tech and cookware.

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Home, office and tech deals

Coway Air Mega 400

Photo: Coway

The Coway Airmega 400 air purifier is a welcome addition to any home as allergy season begins. It’s on the larger end of air purifiers and is best suited for large rooms, as it can circulate the air twice in an hour in a 1,560-square-foot room. It’s also surprisingly quiet. Read our guide to the best air purifiers to learn more.

Apple’s latest iPad Air (8/10, WIRED Recommends) doesn’t reinvent the wheel. It still has a 10.9-inch LCD screen with support for that Second generation Apple Pencil. It does, however, contain Apple’s powerful M1 processor chip – the very chip that powers the latest MacBooks. It’s a powerful and versatile tablet, but as we point out in our review, it’s held back by a few software quirks. This discount applies to the 256GB model, but also to the 64GB version on sale for $570 ($30 off).

Samsung’s latest Galaxy S22 range (9/10, WIRED Recommends) offers rock-solid Android phones for those looking for the best hardware out there. The S22 is the smallest of them all but delivers much of the same goods, including all-day battery life, great performance and a gorgeous screen. It’s what we recommend for most people, but the other two models are also on sale. That Galaxy S22+ is $900 ($100 off) and adds a larger screen and longer-lasting battery. That Galaxy S22 Ultra is $1,100 ($100 off) and has a fantastic 10x optical zoom – great if you want to get sharp close-ups of your child on the soccer field. For protection options, check out our guide to the best Galaxy S22 cases and accessories.

All Clad

Photo: All Clad

That Factory Seconds Sale you can purchase all-clad cookware at an affordable price. We love All-Clad pots and pans. They are durable and rarely on sale. That said, there are a few caveats. You must enter an email address to view the offers. The offerings are also, as the name suggests, factory seconds. These are imperfect, with small blemishes or damaged packaging, but they should still work perfectly.

We told you about this offer earlier this week, and it’s still alive and running for a few colors (too available at Walmart). This is the latest Apple Watch (8/10, WIRED Recommends) with all the fancy health and fitness features you could want, including electrocardiogram, blood oxygen tracking, sleep tracking, and improved fall detection. Just know that the battery only lasts a little over a day. Read our guide to the best smartwatches to learn more.

Humanscale Freedom Headrest

Photo: Humanscale

This chair is one of our favorites and is ideal for anyone who spends a lot of time at a desk. You don’t have to fiddle with knobs and adjustments to get it just right for your body – the Freedom headrest does it all for you. All you have to do is sit down and it will intuitively cradle your body. It’s also one of the most environmentally friendly office chairs on the market.

Make sure you select the Medley upholstery option to see the lowest possible price. The Embody is a legendary chair in the world of office ergonomics, but it can be an acquired taste – as it may take a few weeks for your body to really get used to and enjoy this chair. But once you’ve done that, you’ll never be able to go back to another. It has some of the most adjustable components of any chair we’ve tested. The upright backrest even helped one of our editors overcome back pain caused by sitting in a cheap gaming chair for too long. The Embody has increased in price over the past year, so this is one of the lowest we’ve seen in recent times. It’s a product you buy for a lifetime, and that’s reflected in its 12-year warranty.

The Hario Skerton Plus is a more affordable version of one of our most popular hand grinders and offers many of the same features as the Skerton Pro. It’s a conical coffee grinder that’s easy to disassemble for cleaning, and its blades are sharp and powerful, so you don’t have to put too much effort into grinding your coffee. It’s a bit less stable when grinding than the Pro version and a bit smaller, but it’s still a good option.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Photo: Razer

Razer’s Basilisk Ultimate is a wireless gaming mouse that packs all of Razer’s signature style into a sleek package that won’t get in your way or bind you with too many buttons. It features 11 programmable buttons embedded in the mouse’s body so you’ll hardly notice they’re on. As usual, the Chroma lighting is sleek and stylish, and the build quality of the mouse is rock solid. It has been one of my daily drivers for over a year. It also boasts 100 hours of battery life – we’ve seen around 60 to 80 hours of intense gaming, but 100 is easy to reach for less intense everyday use.

It never hurts to have more external storage space to keep an archive of old photos, media and files safe in your own home. Seagate’s 8 terabyte external hard drive has enough storage space that unless you’re a professional video editor, you’ll probably have trouble filling it up.

Sex Tech Deals

Mystery Vibe Crescendo

Photo: Mysteryvibe

Crescendo by MysteryVibe is easily one of our most popular sex toys. It features six internal motors (all of which can be individually controlled and programmed via the MysteryVibe app) and is highly customizable. Its pliable body makes it easy to shape for a variety of uses. It’s one of the few toys in our guide to the best sex toys that we wholeheartedly recommend for almost all erogenous zones, internal and external. It’s also waterproof (and swim-proof).

Ideal for all external erogenous zones, vaginal and anal use.

Stimulating the inner structures of the clitoris (commonly known as the G-spot) can be tricky, but Dame’s Arc toy uses a wide, squishy head and an ergonomically curved body so you can really explore and find just the right spot. This bundle also includes the Kip Lipstick vibrator, which provides targeted stimulation via its curved, flat head.

Arc is great for vulvas, clitoris, and vaginas. Kip is a good choice for any external erogenous zones such as the clitoris, frenulum of the phallus or nipples.

Poco by MysteryVibe is a small, discreet and bendable bullet vibrator with two surprisingly powerful motors. The bendability makes it really easy to use from a variety of positions, and the dual motors are great for a variety of stimulation options.

Good for vulvas, vaginas and small erogenous zones like clitoris, nipples and phallic frenulum.

Satisfyer Pro 2

Photo: Satisfyer

This bundle includes We-Vibe’s Tango X vibrator and Satisfyer’s Pro 2 air pulse toy. It’s a powerful and versatile combination. Both toys are well made, body safe and comfortable to use on a variety of erogenous zones.

Both toys work well on small external erogenous zones such as the clitoris, nipples and frenulum of the phallus.

Lelo’s Smart Wand is a rechargeable wand vibrator that delivers vibration over a wide range with its large, rounded head. The curved body makes it super easy to use on yourself or a partner from a variety of positions. Honestly, it’s also great for tying up a few knots in your shoulders.

Good for external use on all genitals.

This affordable little beauty is a small egg shaped vibrator with a remote control. It’s great for internal use (vaginal only, not safe for anal use without a flared base), and the included remote control makes it a fun and flavorful way to add some excitement to your (or your partner’s) day.

Good for vaginal use, not safe for anal use.

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