Shaker site with food event, cookbook start on Saturday



COLONIE — The Shaker Heritage Society is holding a Shaker Your Plate fundraiser at their heritage site on Saturday, October 2nd, from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm, showcasing local food, beverages and the launch of a new Shaker Organization cookbook .

It’s called “Heritage Cooking” and features family recipes and stories from people from across the capital region and other Shaker heritage sites, as well as historical anecdotes about Shaker food and cooking practices. The book was edited by food journalist Deanna Fox, whose stories appear frequently in the Times Union.

Among the residents of the capital region who contribute stories and recipes to “Heritage Cooking” are food writer and grain expert Amy Halloran, Jinah Kim from Sunhees Farm & Kitchen in Troy, Amy Koren-Roth from Taste of Troy Food Tours, Carli McCoy from Cafe Capriccio in Albany, Louis McManus from Vischer Ferry General Store in Vischer Ferry, Ric Orlando from Flavor Maker Spices and Yono Purnomo from Yono’s Restaurant in Albany.

Fox said some of her favorite recipes in “Heritage Cooking” are Ellen’s famous steak, which she describes as “the true signature of Midwestern cuisine served with a side dish of instant ramen,” as well as sweet and sour red cabbage, shaker pineapple cake and Lancaster leftover lamb hot pot. Fox Suki’s Macaroni Salad, named after Fox’s mother, is especially dear to the heart.

In a letter to the Times Union about Mac Salad, Fox said, “Classic Macaroni Salad is my mother’s version. This is perhaps her signature dish that she can make blindfolded and needed for any family reunion or camping trip in the warmer months Salad olives are green Spanish olives stuffed with chips of allspice, but plain green olives also work well in this recipe . Macaroni salad is a snack that kids and adults are happy to make for themselves anytime, and one serving goes quickly. “

When asked about the editing of Shaker Heritage, Fox said via email, “One of the best ways to preserve culture and our social history is through food. Food is something we can all relate to, but it’s often one of the least documented and recorded for many of us to remember the taste of a family member’s award-winning chili, pasta sauce, or cake, but little more than notes scratched on with chicken a piece of paper with inaccurate measurements to recreate the recipe ourselves. Preserving the food heritage is critical to understanding who we are, where we come from, and what we ate to fuel us. The aim of this book was to collect and curate family recipes that represent the cultural makeup of the capital region I think we achieved that goal. Just like a cherished family recipe, this book was a matter close to the heart for everyone involved, and it is a real pleasure to bring this compilation of local food history together in physical form. “

Shaker Your Plate fundraiser tickets are $ 30 and are available at the box office or online. The book is priced at $ 19.95 and can be ordered online or purchased locally.

During Shaker Your Plate, Fox will host a panel discussion on the importance of food in preserving history and heritage.

The Shaker Heritage Society is a nonprofit that oversees the Watervliet Shaker National Historic District, the site of America’s first Shaker settlement.

The address is 5 Meeting House Road in Latham, next to Albany International Airport and off Heritage Lane.

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