Riviera building to host multiple weddings and other events in 2022 | local news

Now that the renovations are complete and concerns surrounding the coronavirus are easing, the Riviera building is once again buzzing with activity and events.

Stephanie Copsey, events coordinator for the Riviera, announced during the Lake Geneva Tourism Commission meeting on February 14 that 61 events are planned at the Riviera so far, this year including 54 weddings, one social event, one corporate event and two community events.

A total of approximately 60 events were planned for 2021 at the Riviera, 812 Wrigley Drive. The Riviera hosted 10 events in 2020, 41 events in 2019 and 60 events in 2018. The number of events decreased in 2020 due to the coronavirus and renovation work was completed on the building.

The Riviera generated approximately $162,926 in revenue in 2021; $29,095 in 2020; $99,792 in 2019; and $146,139 in 2018.

Copsey said three weddings have been booked in the past 30 days, with an additional wedding and preliminary social event likely to be confirmed for 2022 on the Riviera.

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“I’ve sent out a couple of 2022 contracts over the past few weeks that I expect to come back,” Copsey said. “So it’s surprising because it’s pretty much last minute. They had people waiting to see what was going on with the pandemic, but they didn’t want to wait until 2023.”

Copsey said 13 weddings have already been confirmed for the Riviera for 2023. She said about a year ago eight weddings were planned for 2022 so she is happy with the number of weddings already planned for next year.

“So 13 is pretty much over eight,” Copsey said. “It’s pretty exciting.”

Copsey said she expects more events to be planned on the Riviera throughout the year.

“I have kept our security team and our public works team informed that we will be there for you 24 hours a day, especially on many weekends Friday through Sunday,” Copsey said. “We will have three to four events in a row and we have to be prepared for that.”

Dana Trilla, Deputy Chair of the Tourism Commission, said she was pleased with the work Copsey has done to promote the Riviera and attract events to the venue. Copsey works as an independent contractor for the Tourism Commission.

“Keep it up,” Trilla said to Cospey. “You’re doing a great job.”

Copsey said she’s also working to encourage more people who rent the Riviera for events to stay in a Lake Geneva hotel.

“I’m just trying to find the best possible way to do it,” Copsey said. “I want to make sure I understand how many of our customers are choosing Lake Geneva hotels, and if they don’t maybe get in touch and find out why they went outside, or develop some kind of incentive for our customers where they book a hotel in the city of Lake Geneva.”

The interior renovation of the Riviera was completed in 2021, including the installation of a new elevator, larger restrooms near the north entrance of the lower level of the building and a family restroom near the south entrance of the lower level of the building, and renovation of the lower level retail spaces.

Upstairs renovations completed last year included the installation of a new ballroom ceiling, upgrade of the lighting system, installation of new dance floor tiling and refurbishment of the restrooms.

Exterior renovations including the installation of a new roof and tuck pointing work were completed on the building in 2020.

The Riviera building, constructed in 1932, includes an upper-level ballroom used for weddings, corporate outings, and community events, and lower-level shops where people can buy jewelry, T-shirts, sandwiches, and snacks.

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