Ohio Sales Tax Vacation: What to Know Before Shopping August 6-8



COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – This year’s Ohio sales tax vacation begins Friday and ends at midnight Sunday to help families with back-to-school expenses.

the Sales tax vacation helps families with clothing, school supplies and teaching materials. However, it does not contain items that are used in commerce or economy. The tax-free category includes:

  • A garment priced at $ 75 or less
  • School supplies for $ 20 or less
  • A piece of school teaching material priced at $ 20 or less

You can buy as many items as you want, and it doesn’t have to be all for the kids. Clothing for adults still apply. That’s because the missing tax is on the item, not the total sale.

Vouchers and loyalty cards

And you can use Coupons and loyalty cards to lower prices. For example, clothes that had the limit of $ 75 but the original price was higher can be reduced to that $ 75 price with a coupon or loyalty card, according to the Ohio Department of Taxation.

Clothing means everything humane everyday clothing, including shoes, diapers, and even formal and wedding attire. But people who sew their own clothes out of luck – materials to make the clothing are not included. Sports equipment and protective equipment – such as protective helmets or tool belts – are also not included in the tax exemption.


The exemption applies to Layaway salesif placed on layaway during sales tax leave. They are also exempt if they are picked up from the camp site during sales tax leave.

Internet orders

To the Internet orders, the rules state that if you order, pay for, and ship the item immediately during the tax exemption, your item will qualify even if it is delivered days or weeks later.

However, if your online order and payment was made before Friday, you will still have to pay sales tax.

Subsequent deliveries

Even if the article reordered and the website or retailer cannot accept your order during the VAT vacation, the item will not qualify for the tax-free discount.

Shipping and Handling

They don’t pay taxes either Shipping when all of your items in the shipment are eligible. For example, nothing is above the $ 20 limit for school supplies or the $ 75 limit for clothing.

However, if the shipment contains items that are not subject to VAT, the seller must “… allocate shipping and handling charges based on the total price of the taxable items as a percentage of the total price of all the items in the shipment,” according to the Ohio Department of Taxation.

For full rules and fine print related to returns and qualifying items, see the Ohio Department of Taxation Explanation pagewhere it is covered in detail.


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