Non-profit organization that preserves Houston’s bayous scavenger hunt in the Heights


Branwen Ranck, the director of philanthropy and engagement for the Bayou Preservation Association, says it’s a common response from Houstonians to see a bayou and think of it as a dirty brown trench.

Ranck believes that bayous are much more than that. Getting people interested in bayous begins with people, and especially children, connecting with them. For this reason, the BPA is encouraging families to come to the Bayou City Detective Agency’s first scavenger hunt in Woodland Park along Little White Oak Bayou in the Heights on the weekend of November 12-14, from 10 am to 2 pm.

In the scavenger hunt, participants must solve a mysterious sentence by collecting bayou-related clues in eight different locations in Woodland Park. For children who can correctly guess the mysterious sentence from the eight clues, they will receive badges and mini test kits for water quality.

“Adults, when they participate, only get show-off rights because they solved the puzzle,” said Ranck.

BPA follows what they call their ‘CPR’ mission: Celebrate, protect and restore the local bayous. Ranck says much of their job is protecting and restoring bayous, but there’s room to celebrate it. The COVID-19 pandemic has helped slow this down.

“If there is never an opportunity for children, families, and people in general to have fun and experience nature in a genuinely positive way, they will never really get up to speed on science, or water quality, or the trash and things like that, ”said Rank. “In our opinion, it really is an introduction to building a deeper love and care for our bayous.”

Recently appointed BPA President Brittani Flowers said the event was a “refer a friend” and that sponsorship for the event was available, while single tickets start at $ 10. The BPA also enables families to donate their tickets to other families.

“The event is designed to delight individuals and families with Houston’s greatest natural resource: the bayous,” Flowers wrote in a statement. “While many of our programs focus on scientific and systemic issues in our river basins, we cannot ignore that concern for our bayous begins with accessing it in fun and meaningful ways.”

At each of the eight clue points there is a book that contains a clue. All clues are within the boundaries of Woodland Park, the game is non-directional so contestants can stop at any clue point in any order, and the game is at your own pace. Volunteers will be on hand to help.

The BPA has published some teaser questions to prepare attendees for the event:

“Heron asked Turtle,” How do you get so many family and friends? “

Turtle replied, “We are all connected; where one bayou begins, another ends. “

Heron looked up at the sky and began to think

“Is it true, should I leave these banks and start hiking?”

Turtle swam closer and showed Heron the adventures engraved on her shell.

“I promise, Turtle said,” (fill in the mysterious sentence for this last sentence) “.

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