New quick pass for Springer special pheasant hunt


There will be a much shorter wait as the Wyoming Game and Fish Department is rolling out a new faster check-in system on the Springer Special Pheasant Hunt that allows anyone to quickly get into the field and enjoy their hunt.

A new “Springer Special Fast Pass” saves authorized hunters a lot of time when checking in at the Springer Special Pheasant Hunt, which usually takes several minutes per hunter.

Qualified hunters who have issued a permit for the Springer Special Pheasant Hunt 2021 and who have already acquired all the necessary licenses and stamps will receive an email with the passport and instructions for use on the working day before their planned hunt.

In order to obtain this passport, pheasant hunters must acquire or have all necessary licenses and documents for the hunt in advance of their scheduled hunting date. These requirements are as follows:

  • Hunting license (annual, daily, lifelong or pioneer. Young people under 14 years of age do not need a license, but must be accompanied by an adult and have a hunter security card.)
  • Preservation stamp (not required for day or pioneer licenses)
  • Pheasant special administrative permit
  • A hunter training course on record in Wyoming (if born on or after January 1, 1966)
  • Springer approval (sent to successful applicants)

Hunters who have issued a Springer permit, obtained all required licenses and stamps, and completed hunter training in Wyoming will receive an email with their electronic passport.

Stand-by hunters also benefit from the new, fast system, especially if they arrive with all the necessary licenses and permits.

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