New Lynn Coalition Holds Raffle for Food Program

LYNN – The New Lynn Coalition is holding a Christmas raffle to raise money to feed families in need this Christmas season.

Prize draws include club seats for a Celtics game and dinner for two; a beer and cocktail cart filled with beer, liquor, bitters, and cocktail accessories valued at more than $ 800; an electric guitar starter kit; and $ 200 in cart gift cards.

Raffle tickets can be purchased for one ticket for $ 10, three tickets for $ 20, or 10 tickets for $ 50.

“With relief efforts for the COVID-19 pandemic running out, this fundraiser will allow us to continue providing fresh food to the most vulnerable people in Lynn to help build food resilience in our city,” said Neil Whittredge , Member of the New Coalition.

Tickets can be purchased via CashApp under “$ NewLynnCoalition” and via Venmo under “@NewLynnCoalition” under the “Business” tab.

To purchase, add the word “Raffle” and your full name and phone number in the notes area.

For all other purchase options, email [email protected]

The New Lynn Coalition has been supplying fresh groceries to 500 families every month for a year and a half as the pandemic has had many difficulties finding food.

All of the proceeds from the No Hungry Home raffle will be used for fresh groceries that will be delivered to people who cannot leave their homes and are recovering from the pandemic.

The raffle will take place on December 20th.

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