New Evansville Nonprofit helps with temporary housing



Throughout your adult life, employees come in and out of your life. Whether you change jobs or they get a job elsewhere, you part ways, and most of the time, the best. I’ve been fortunate to work with some really amazing people. Most of them did some pretty great things. Baby boy Brian is one of those people.

If you remember, baby boy, Brian Jones, used to work with Jon and Leslie in the morning and then hosted our lunch show and DIrt Road Saturday Nights on WKDQ. He was a kid then, in college. Well, he left WKDQ to move to Nashville and he did amazing things. One of those happens right here in Evansville.

Earlier this year, he published a Facebook post about a plan to help families in need. He said that.

A year ago my dad called me to tell me that the man who bought the apartment buildings my grandfather restored when I was growing up wanted to donate the apartments to charity and he wondered if I could recommend charities . I rattled off a few thinking, “Why don’t we start a 501c3 non-profit that he can donate to? It can’t be that hard. Right? “What will our mission be? The pandemic was in full swing and many people lost their jobs and homes. I lost my job and realized how easily I could have lost my home. The mission was clear. Let helping us people who are between homes. Between Homes, Inc. was born. I was wrong. It was tough and the process was long, but I’m happy to say we just got approved again and are now recognized as a 501c3 organization! It’s exciting to know that the building my grandpa saw so much potential in will soon be helping others realize their potential.

Brian Scott Jones / Facebook

We are so proud of him and his kind heart. Ryan and I had the opportunity to speak to him on Wednesday, and here is the interview.

If you would like to donate to Between Homes, click HERE.

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