Local nonprofit hosting jeep caravan for Hatboro cop Ryan Allen who died of complications from allergic reaction to bee sting – CBS Philly

HATBORO, Pa. (CBS) — On this Father’s Day, a local nonprofit is holding a Jeep caravan in honor of fallen Hatboro Police Officer Ryan Allen, who died in April after suffering a traumatic brain injury caused by an allergic reaction to a bee sting.

“I think the hardest part was giving birth and not having Ryan with me,” widow Whitney Allen said.

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Allen was pregnant with her second child when her husband Ryan suffered a rare traumatic brain injury from a bee sting last October. He died on April 7 after more than six months in a coma, never being able to say goodbye to his 4-year-old son Jackson or meet his newborn son Leo.

“I see a lot of Ryan in Jackson and Leo,” Whitney said.

Ryan served as an officer for Hatboro and helped establish the department’s first K-9 unit.

“Becoming a cop, specifically a dog cop, was Ryan’s dream as a little boy,” Whitney said.

Whitney also says the support of Ryan’s colleagues and the community — many still show signs in his honor — meant everything, especially when tragedy struck twice.

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“Ryan’s best friend Steve, who was a Warrington police officer, died six weeks after Ryan,” Whitney said.

Steve Plum Jr., a Warrington K-9 officer, died in a sudden medical event on May 16. He was a husband and father of five children.

“It’s Ryan and Steve training there,” Whitney said. “It brings me some peace if that had to happen to both of them, I know they’re together.”

Local nonprofit hosts Jeep trailers for Hatboro Cop Ryan Allen, who died from an allergic reaction to bee sting

Whitney is now working on a book to help others deal with grief. She says she takes it one day at a time because she knows Ryan will be in her heart forever.

“I know Ryan wants me and the boys to be happy, so I wake up every morning and I’m like, ‘What would he expect from me?'” Whitney said.

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