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2021 was another stellar year for television, delivering plenty of new series that were worth binge-worthy. But few have grabbed us as passionately as Showtime’s Yellow jackets. The curvy horror mystery follows two interconnected storylines. One comes in 1996 when New Jersey High School soccer team, the Yellowjackets, survived a terrible plane crash in the remote Canadian wilderness, where they were stranded for 19 months. The second follows survivors in the present who are still grappling with the trauma of the past and the secrets they still hold.

Some really scary shit has gone down in the woods, and each episode of the series juggles multiple secrets. Was there a supernatural being in the forest chasing the girls? Or were the resulting mental illness, chaos, and cannibalism inspired by the girls alone? With only three episodes left in the season, let’s dive into our wildest fan theories Yellow jackets.

*** SPOILER ALERT: This post discusses the action points of Yellow jackets until episode 7, “No compass.” ***

Yellow jackets has several mysteries underway, but the most pressing one is the identity of the antler queen who watches over the cannibalic ritual and appears to be the leader. Many on the internet think it’s Lottie who has visions of the future (and possibly schizophrenia). It’s a good guess, considering that Lottie’s visions are correct. She also stands in front of the antler wall decoration, which perhaps gives a hint.

But the antler queen could be anyone (except Misty, who we see unmasked in the ritual). My money is on Queen Bee Jackie (Ella Purnell). The once popular girl has seen her stocks sink in the woods thanks to her uselessness and lack of survival skills. But with Shauna’s betrayal, I think Jackie is leaving the deep end and using her mean girl skills to become a cult leader.

Few shows had an opener as convincing as Yellow jackets, in which a nameless girl runs through the forest before falling into a pit of sharpened stakes. This girl is then ritually killed and eaten by the cult of the antler queen. I think Lottie is the victim despite the signs that suggest she is the queen. After all, her loss as the group’s visionary would be the most devastating, and her skills make her a threat to all beings (supernatural or not) who seek to destroy the group.

It would also make sense for the victim to be a little yellowjacket so that the main characters can stay on the series, however Yellow jackets seems more than ready to kill his darlings. And it’s all the darker when the girl is someone we know and love.

I think it must be Shauna’s husband, Jeff. We know the furniture business is struggling, and Jeff has access to Shauna’s diaries so he can understand the symbols. Shauna assumes his sneaking around is a marital affair, but that’s too obvious and the show is smarter. But there is another possibility …

Obviously Adam has more to offer than just being Shauna’s counterpart. Is he the blackmailer? Many have speculated that Adam is a grown-up Javi, the coach’s younger son who appears to have a crush on Shauna. It is entirely possible, but would Shauna really not recognize him? He’s clearly more involved with the Yellowjackets than he admits, and he’s lying to Shauna about something.

So far we know that more girls have survived the wild beyond our four cores. And eagle-eyed observers who had peeked Jackie’s old diary noticed entries discussing films from the aftermath of the plane crash. Did Jackie survive only to die in New Jersey? Did she run away? Or is the diary a fantasy from Shauna?

This opens up a world of possibilities: IF Jackie survived, where is she now? Did she threaten to reveal the group’s secrets so that the surviving Yellowjackets would kill them to silence them? Did SHAUNA kill you? And if Jackie was still alive who would her modern self play? Let the fan casting begin! I mean, if you really want to blow us away, give us Winona Ryder as a grown-up Jackie.

We have more survivors to reveal as well, and it will be interesting to see if we meet new Yellowjackets in the last three episodes or if the show holds them up for future seasons.

Taissa and her grandmother saw the blind man on their deathbed, and we see him appear in the woods during the opening credits. We know Taissa has some type of stress / trauma response that causes her to sleepwalk and compulsively eat dirt. But is the man a vision manifested through some mental illness or is he something supernatural that haunts Taissa’s family and girls?

Pragmatically, I think Shauna will miscarry between extreme stress and hunger. But if she ends up having the baby, there is no way she can survive. The darkest timeline suggests these girls are eating this baby, but that’s damn dark. After all, Shauna had this dream in which she gave birth to a rotisserie chicken aka Premonition. So disturbing and yet so possible.

Shauna’s daughter Callie is absolutely the worst, which is not surprising given that Shauna appears to be pretty checked out as a parent. Callie also has a strange lack of curiosity about what her mother went through in the woods, even though she may have just been walled up by her mother. If I were that kid, I’d host a podcast and examine every yellowjacket there is. But maybe it’s easier: teenagers suck and are dicks to their parents.

What are your favorites Yellow jackets Theories? Let us know in the comments!

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