Jaguars had to fire Urban Meyer before they could host the Texans


Today 2 pros and a cup of joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington believe the timing of Urban Meyer’s firing will benefit the Jaguars, who likely wanted to sever ties with their head coach before they have a potential winning streak against the humble Texans and Jets. If he were at the helm it will be tougher to fire him in his junior year, but if the Jags get an easy win or two without him, Shad Khan and the media can blame him for the organization’s dysfunction.

Brady Quinn: “That’s not Josh Lambo’s accusation. When it comes to that, if they won this week I would have a hard time believing they’d go on after another game of his.”

Jonas Knox: “And by the way, you know how that’s going to play out. If they win this week, and they probably will because they’re home to Houston, ‘You see, it was all Urban Meyer, he was the problem.’ And when they hit the jets after that, it’s like, ‘Man, I’m telling you, 2 in a row since he’s gone.’ And then New England and Indianapolis absolutely overrun them and then reality kicks in. Oh, they’re bad. That’s a bad organization. You’re a bad team. “

LaVar Arrington: “There doesn’t have to be any justification. You are bad.”


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