Heath grad is hosting 5,000 to raise money for nonprofits

Editor’s Note: This story has been updated to reflect that the name of the non-profit organization is Unseen Stories.

Hoping to promote her self-founded non-profit organization, Unseen StoriesLindsay Drumm, 2020 Heath High School Graduate, will be born on Saturday, April 21.

Drumm, now a sophomore in molecular genetics at Ohio State University Unseen Stories To support people with “chronic conditions, autism, mental health (struggle) and more”. Currently, she is specifically focused on helping two groups of people: those with chronic conditions and those with autism.

Drumm’s own personal experiences inspired her to work with people suffering from chronic diseases. She was diagnosed with Sjögern/SLE Lupis in 2020 and PCOS this winter. In dealing with this, she realized that higher education institutions could better support people with similar struggles.

“I realized there was something missing about Ohio State and the colleges in the United States,” she said. “There are disability services, but not all chronic illnesses are disabilities.”

Her goal is to facilitate support group discussions among college students with chronic illnesses, first in the state of Ohio and eventually in other institutions across the country.

“I want to focus on things that are physical, like ‘What are the best vitamins to take?’ or “What does this symptom mean?” She said.

As part of Unseen Stories, Drumm recently started Chronically at Ohio State. The group already consists of more than 25 members.

Her desire to work with people with autism arose from encounters with two autistic fellow players in a high school band, which she described as “phenomenal.”

“I feel like a lot of kids don’t have the understanding of autism that it takes to be a good friend to someone with autism,” Drumm said.

as Unseen Stories growing, Drumm hopes to be able to help groups of people facing other types of challenges.

“We all have a history, and our suffering is alleviated at least a little bit when someone acknowledges that,” she said.

Entry into the 10am race and at-shirt is $30. All proceeds go to Drumm’s operating funds. Geller Park is located at 580 Cynthia St. in Newark.

For more information on Unseen Stories, visit: https://www.unseen-stories.org/. To pre-register for the 5k, see https://www.raceentry.com/unseen-stories-5k/race-information.

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