Furious, eligible Disney adults are the heart and soul of the GOP



AAn immutable fact of childhood is that if children love something enough, adults will eventually ruin it. My generation would know; We witnessed Cabbage Patch Kids Mania, Tickle Me Elmo Frenzy, Beanie Baby Chaos, and parents getting into real fistfights over PlayStations. Pop-Tarts commercials on Saturday morning between 22-minute ads for dolls and action figures disguised as TV shows were right: adults are the enemy of fun.

I’ve always read toy trends turning into national embarrassments as generously as I could. In many cases it seemed like parents just wanted what was best for their children and then got carried away a little and then got carried away a lot. But a new generation of adults who are a little too invested in cultural products for children seem to have completely cared about children’s entertainment and seem to think that things are made for America’s children – out Disney world to Dr. Seuss – should actually be tailored to the tastes of middle-aged whites.

Adults who have not lost touch with their inner child, adults without children, taking things like vacationing to Disneyland or collecting illustrated children’s books, is naturally not wrong. It is all wrong in expecting children’s media and spaces to suit adults just as it is inappropriate for parents to expect adult media and spaces to be primarily focused on children. It’s just as stupid for parents to be angry about the contents of an R-rated movie as it is for adults to be angry that Pepe Le Pew doesn’t appear next to Bugs Bunny in the latest Warner Brothers animated film. An adult who has a tantrum about Walt Disney World is as disgusting as a toddler who has a tantrum in a bar.

Dissatisfied with the ranting against a policy that promotes social equality, conservative adults have started to defend themselves against the mere representation of equality in the children’s media. It’s not just disgusting; in all honesty, it’s weird as hell.

But adult tantrums have become the norm on the American right. It’s impossible to venture into conservative Twitter, prime-time Fox News, Greg Gutfeld’s sad epilogue on Fox Prime Time, or the weird world of Republican press releases without coming across weird stories in which adults are very excited about a cartoon or upset a theme park. Dissatisfied with defending themselves against policies that promote social equality, conservative adults have moved to oppose bare ones. to scold Representations Equal rights in children’s media. It’s not just disgusting; in all honesty, it’s weird as hell.

The reasoning from the American newsroom would likely be that the problem is not that the children’s media is changing, but that Culture forces the children’s media to change. It is certainly not that adults Disney World, Dr. Treat Seuss and Looney Tunes as if they should constantly satisfy the tastes of Trump voters who left their own childhood behind a few decades ago. In the world of Fox News, children’s media adapting to modern cultural sensibilities is part of a creeping “awake” culture that threatens to change everything that is so popular about American life. Sure cartoons are getting updated now, but what’s next? Will the woke up mob force Leroy Jethrow Gibbs from NCIS to come out as a tranny?

Of course this is all nonsense. The giants who own the intellectual property rights that Disney adults consider sacred parts of their childhood aren’t making the decisions to update their listings for fear of a “lively mob”. Disney, Warner Brothers, and the trust that owns the rights to Dr. Seuss’ publishing legacy controls, making changes because it makes financial sense to her. And these are private companies that for better or for worse have the right to conduct business as they see fit. This generation of American children is more diverse than any other generation before, and children’s media creators would very much like these children to have lifelong branding with them. One way to encourage this is to avoid creating or distributing content that directly attacks their heritage and potentially leads them to spend their money elsewhere. Capitalism, honey.

I know it’s a faux pas, the intelligence of the Trump-voting, malicious-carnivorous, Lead pipe enthusiast‘Blue life matter – except not all blue lives, as we saw on Jan 6th – idiots. How stupid are the people who think Disney is making multimillion dollar changes to its theme parks because Disney is scared of people who get mad at them online?

The definition of “woke up,” which it associates with social awareness, wasn’t added to the Oxford English Dictionary until 2017, but has since been used as widely at Fox News as Tucker Carlson’s neck bronzer. Like many catchphrases that colonize the MAGA set, their use of the phrase is not limited by the inconvenience of a consistent definition; it can mean whatever the speaker wants to mean at that moment and something else the next day. Like “feminist” or “tyranny”. Or, more recently, “triggered”.

“Woke up” is now a word that means anything that expresses more cultural sensitivity than a red Facebook dad whose adult children no longer speak to him because of his aggressive political abomination. It is used as an abbreviation for the cultural left Going Too Far. It’s a klaxon for other conservatives who blindly want things to stay the way they were when things seem to change. Fox News Alert: Lesson Learned From Past, more on that outrage after these ten ads for pure beef colostomy bags.

Anything uncomfortable to conservatives can be a chore when it comes to things like updating the dress code in the workplace to stop classifying hairstyles like afros and box braids as “unprofessional”. But the conservative apoplexy about “wakefulness” does not primarily focus on American adult behavior; it’s a lot creepier. The anti-“woke up” movement disproportionately focuses on cartoons, theme parks, picture books, films with talking snowmen and magic mirrors – things that are intended for a section of the population who cannot legally drive or sign legal documents. Modern conservatism is a whole identity based on the fact that adult adults cannot mind their own business.

What’s behind it? What was broken in the brain of the Las Vegas attorney and deranged Disney Adult, who posted a review on how Disney World removed a sex slave auction from its Pirates of the Caribbean Ride, was “a mood killer”? What failed in the emotional development of a QAnon aunt who buys all the copies she can of? Dr. Seuss books that will no longer be published soon? Why is Jesse Watters crazy about Space Jam? Why does Piers Morgan have his extra large Donald Duck diapers? in a twist about people not enjoying the climax in Disney’s animated classic Snow White? How does Fox News translate a single paragraph from a comment in a San Francisco newspaper into a massive conspiracy aroused? More importantly, why do so many adults care so much? Why are journalists talking about the most watched television news channel in the United States that one paragraph in that one newspaper more than a dozen times in a day? Why is a news channel asking a U.S. Senator about a 1938 cartoon? Does Fox News assume that its audience has literally solved every other problem in their life? But the theft hasn’t even stopped!

Were eligible Disney adults raised by parents who pampered them to believe that they were the center of the universe and would remain so for the duration of their natural life? Don’t they believe that privileges extend to generations that come after them, or does their worldview hold that they are the most special generation that has ever existed? Do you think that you are the primary audience for everything and that “that’s not enough for me” is valid cultural criticism, even when it comes to things that are obvious to people who have not lost their baby teeth? Are you trying to recreate your childhood exactly for future generations of American children? Do you think America’s future depends on exposing each subsequent group of new people to the same injustices and inconveniences that they encountered growing up and “it turned out well”? Are these the people who advocate spanking? Is that the same muscle that tenses when a homeowner in his sixties who paid off $ 14,000 in student loans on a union salary gets upset about a program that gives a 28-year-old freelancer $ 50,000 in loans?

This is of course not entirely new. Nothing is. The titled Conservative Disney Adult Phenomenon appears to be the natural result of decades of conservative fixation on college student behavior and teenage sexual tendencies. When adults in their fifties are the referees-designate, which is appropriate for today’s liberal arts curriculum, when evangelical empty nests lash over middle school students who are taught that the clitoris exists (“I never knew about the clitoris and turned around “Out just fine!“), Why shouldn’t you also complain about it? Mr. Potato Head toys are not gender specific enough? While it may be better known to see someone the age of Sen. Tom Cotton get angry about the behavior of 18-22 year olds at a university he didn’t attend, it’s no less scary than when he is Think about it, like Disney + shouldn’t have disclaimers about changing social norms before episodes of The Muppets.

Senator, just to follow up: Who cares?

Or maybe Fox News knows that its audience needs at least 2,000 anger calories a day to stay in the nonsense cycle that its profit model is based on. Perhaps “the kids on a different ride than the one I remember” is enough to feed the gaping throat of the hungry chase complex at the core of the Trump-era Conservatives. Don’t see yourself as a victim? This is a mood killer.


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