Flash Flood Of Looters Rob Best Buy Store in Minnesota

Black Friday was a Friday nightmare for a Minnesota Best Buy store

Yesterday was the day for buyers across the country to come out and fight the crowds and get the best possible deal on what they were looking for. Black Friday has become a bigger tradition than Thanksgiving. Her worst nightmare happened for a store in Minnesota. It’s a trend that seems to be happening a lot lately.

Every company does its best to ensure that it is protected by security measures

Almost every large business or company has security measures in place to protect itself from theft. Cameras are strategically placed everywhere to catch potential shoplifters. The Minnesota Best Buy store was horrified to learn that it was essentially helpless to face the crimes committed yesterday. Hopefully incidents like this can be investigated and there are ways that other companies can prevent it.

20-30 suspects rushed in like a flood, stealing items at will

Last night a group gathered in a busy mall in Burnsville, south of Minneapolis. Corresponding foxnews.com “A flash mob of 20 to 30 suspects marauder beaten a Best Buy electronics store in Minnesota on Black Friday and managed to escape before police arrived, according to a report. “No reports of injuries to shop staff and other customers. It was also mentioned that no guns were used, just their feet and hands. The fact is that robberies like this seem to be a trend lately.” US metropolitan areas have seen numerous flash mob-style robberies in the past few weeks, ”added foxnews.com.

The burning question: How do you protect your shop from a flood of looters?

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