Eatsie Boys hits market this month, COVID causing temporary closings


Eatsie Boys, 2202 Dallas, will close at the end of December. The food truck “Intergalactic” was founded in 2010 by chef Matt Marcus, Ryan Soroka and Alex Vassilakidis. The menu has often paid homage to 1980s hip-hop group the Beastie Boys, with items like the sabotage sandwich made from Big Daddy Karne’s Pulled Pork and braised kale. It combines international flavors with offers such as the Chicken Shazam with grilled chicken, feta, avocado and tomatoes on ciabatta bread as well as a cheese steak, No Sleep Til Philly, available with beef or chicken and topped with 8th Wonder Brewery Cheese Sauce.

And in the 8th Wonder Brewery, the Eatsie Boys have found their permanent home after working as bricks and mortars from 2013 to 2015. Marcus, Soroka and Vassilakidis teamed up with master brewer Aaron Corsi in 2013 to create the brewery that has become one of Houston’s better known local beer suppliers. Marcus plans to continue his involvement with 8th Wonder and the Eatsie Boys brand may have a future iteration in the works.

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Eatsie Boys served delicious french fries.

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The reason for the food truck shutdown, according to the founders, is a cocktail of supply chain problems, human resource challenges and other pandemic-related concerns. Marcus says the fact that it took so long made a dream come true. “To serve thousands of people over the years and see that instant gratification, the unique way you can serve food from a truck – it has been amazing.” Marcus added that he was excited and excited to see what could happen next.

click to enlarge James McGhee goes from frozen daiquiris to fine dining.  - PHOTO BY ADRIAN VERDE

James McGhee goes from frozen daiquiris to fine dining.

Photo by Adrian Verde

Julia, 5857 Westheimer, is expected to open in early 2022. The energetic modern American restaurant is by James McGhee, the founder of Candy Shack Daiquiris, which has grown to 10 locations in six years and two more are planned. McGhee got the idea after visiting his family in New Orleans, where daiquiris are a popular drink. In 2015 he opened the first location in Houston and created a following of fans who loved adding gummy candies to the colorful cocktails. A franchise location opened in Missouri City last November, and at least two more are planned in Pearland and Conroe in 2022.

McGhee’s new concept, Juliet, will be more on the upscale side of food. The restaurant will have an area of ​​almost 5,000 square meters with space for 220 guests, including the bar, lounge, dining room and large outdoor area as well as a VIP room for almost 40 guests. It will have a cinema-like entrance with the feel of a whisper bar, while guests can relax on the terrace while popular films from the 80s and 90s are shown on a big screen.

The Juliet’s menu hasn’t been fully announced yet, but a look at the website reveals entrees like Crispy Korean Short Rib Tacos and Jumbo Lump Crab & Avocado Stack. Main courses are spinach black risotto and whitefish fillet and clam stew. Local cocktail specialists Laurie Harvey and Kris Sowell, owners of Ladies of Libation, have created a special bar program.

Collaborative Projects architect Jim Herd is responsible for the design and Jeff Auld, who has worked in popular restaurants in Chicago, St. Louis, Washington, DC, Las Vegas, and Houston, is the Director of Operations.

click to enlarge Go is in its name, but you can also stop and relax at Common Bond On-The-Go.  - PHOTO BY ANDREW HEMINGWAY

Go is in its name, but you can also stop and relax at Common Bond On-The-Go.

Photo by Andrew Hemingway

Common bond on the go, 2850 Fannin, opens December 18 at Drewery Place, a 27-story skyscraper owned by Australian developer Caydon. Another location quickly followed at 2229 San Felipe, opening December 20 in River Oaks. Unlike previous stores, the newest two locations don’t offer drive-thru service.

click to enlarge The Texas Club Croissant is a hearty sandwich.  - PHOTO BY ANDREW HEMINGWAY

The Texas Club Croissant is a hearty sandwich.

Photo by Andrew Hemingway

The Drewery Place location is the fourth for Common Bond’s On-The-Go concept, offering 2,000 square feet of space to eat or take away pastries, coffee and sandwiches to take away. Guests can also relax on site with a beer, a glass of wine or a Common Bond Frose. The Midtown location is open daily from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

The River Oaks spot occupies 1,440 square feet on San Felipe Place, a 17-story boutique office building. It also offers the hearty take-away menu, breakfast bites, sandwiches and salad bowls, as well as croissants and desserts. It is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

UB Preserve has finally closed.  - PHOTO BY JULIE SOEFER

UB Preserve has finally closed.

Photo by Julie Soefer

Preserve UB, 1609 Westheimer, had his last day of service on December 21st, two days before the planned closure on December 23rd due to the Omicron surge. It was recently announced that the restaurant will be closed and will be replaced by a new Underbelly Hospitality concept, Everlong Bar and Hideaway, as we are here at in January 2022. reported Houston Press. The room renovation may take a little longer than expected, and a spokesman said so Press that Everlong wants to open at the end of February 2022.

The Facebook post on UB Preserv’s early closure stated, “We made this decision for the safety of our employees and guests and because we would not be able to honor the heritage the way we wanted.” this restaurant. ”

Like other Underbelly Hospitality restaurants, One Fifth has temporarily closed and is slated to reopen for Christmas Eve dinner, while Georgia James Tavern is slated to reopen on December 28th. Georgia James Steakhouse will remain open during regular hours, although it and all other Underbelly concepts will remain closed for the holidays December 25th through December 27th.

Miri’s Kitchen Persian, 5801 Memorial, is currently in the preliminary opening phase. The restaurant will be officially opened sometime in mid-January. according to Houston Business Journal. Owner Parvaneh Miri is known as the head chef at Garson, another Persian restaurant, and has decades of experience in the hotel industry.

Appetizers include hummus and eggplant dip, and there are a variety of kebabs, including rack of lamb, fillet, shrimp, and the combination of ribeye and ground beef. There are chicken skewers, as well as eggplant and chicken stew. There’s a section of the menu that has vegan options like a Beyond Beef kebab and rice dishes with raisins and nuts, as well as desserts like Persian ice cream and Baghlava.

Unfortunately it is now closed.  - PHOTO BY LORRETTA RUGGIERO

Unfortunately it is now closed.

Photo by Lorretta Ruggiero

The Texas BBQ Lab, 13251 Jones, has closed. The grill restaurant first opened at the Cypress site in June 2021 after briefly operating next to a gas station on Grant Road. It seemed like a lot of business, sometimes popular items sold out before Thanksgiving. It served East Carolinian pork barbecue and Texas-style brisket. We tried to contact the owners but got no response.

It's still a mystery.  - PHOTO BY BOB RUGGIERO

It’s still a mystery.

Photo by Bob Ruggiero

La Malaguena coming soon to the 1200 block of Jones Road. That’s all we know

Unfortunately we have a list of this week temporary closings due to the recent surge in COVID cases and the Omicron variant. And we all know why we’re at that point again. Many Americans refuse to get vaccinated with anything less than 62 percent after receiving the first two shots since this month. And some of these people have been waiting for this for many months.

We personally don’t care what the excuses are. They may think that doing so will give them an extra arm or eye. We wish it was like that. That would be quite useful. Maybe they originally thought it was a joke and will die on this hill taking as many people as possible with you.

For over a year we’ve been listening to the talk about “the scared sheep should stay home”. Well, here’s an idea: why don’t the unvaccinated stay home and let the rest of us science believers go back to our normal lives?

Please note that these closings are temporary measures by owners, managers and staff as a precautionary measure. Because that’s where we are. Again.

Dandelion cafe, 5405 Bellaire Boulevard, will reopen on December 27th after closing on December 16th.

Davis St. in Hermann Park, 5925 Almeda, announced on December 21st that it will be closing to ensure that all necessary precautions are in place to ensure the safety of its employees and customers. It will announce when it will reopen shortly.

J-Bar-M will reopen on December 28th.  - PHOTO BY ROBERT J. LERMA

J-Bar-M will reopen on December 28th.

Photo by Robert J. Lerma

J-Bar-M Grill, 2201 Leeland, will reopen on January 28th after closing on December 21st, as some employees have tested positive for COVID. While it won’t accept to-go orders until it reopens, it contacts customers who already have pre-orders for the holidays and makes sure the orders are safely fulfilled.

The restaurant just opened for lunch on November 11th and added dinner on Friday and Saturday on December 3rd.

93 Til, 1601 W. Main, announced a brief closure on December 23 on Facebook and said the opening will be re-evaluated on December 28.

Nobies, 2048 Colquitt, has decided to close early December 19th and will reopen as scheduled on December 28th as a precaution due to the surge in Omicron cases.

Squable, 632 W. 19th, announced there had been breakthrough cases among the vaccinated staff and closed on December 17th. It will reopen if the owners and management deem it safe to do so.


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