East End Food Institute is sizzling, pie season is heating up and more

Meet the East End Food Institute’s Food Hub, the Hamptons International Film Festival is here, Taste of Long Island on YouTube, local deals and more East End ‘Food Lakes’ bites.

That East End Food Institute supports, promotes and endorses local food producers. At a special event hosted by Nick and Toni two weeks ago, Executive Director Kate Fullam announced that the institute aims to “revolutionize” the way residents in the area get food while helping local farmers and producers. According to Fullam, the East End Food Hub will “diversify revenue streams for farmers while ensuring there is healthy, hope-fresh food for everyone in need”.

The center will be located at the former Homeside Garden and Florist location in Riverhead, and an indoor farmers’ market will be held every Friday night through October. In addition to delivering food to schools, nursing homes and other places in need, farmers and local producers can also process and manufacture their own goods, including frozen foods.

Fullam hopes to build a larger processing plant on site as well as a farm to freezer in the future. If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic, it should be how much chaos is wreaked when the global supply chain is disrupted. Strengthening local food systems is paramount, and the East End Food Institute deserves all the credit.

The 1770 house in East Hampton.Photo: Courtesy the 1770 House

Rendezvous with history The house from 1770 in Eastampton. Originally built as the home of William Fithian in 1663, the house was not converted into an inn until 1770 and gained a reputation for excellent hospitality. 1770 House is offering a $59 fixed price dinner for the fall, along with the return of its tavern and grab-and-go menus. The special menu can be ordered in the dining room, on the terrace or in the tavern and includes dishes such as pasta with clams, sausage and pea sprouts, halibut with vegetables, swordfish with cherry tomato crudo and Tuscan kale, Montauk Fluke tartare and grass-fed roast beef with squash -Tomato gratin and romesco sauce. The restaurant is open every evening at 5:30 p.m

The early bird gets the deal Manna at the Lobster Inn in Southampton! Dine weekdays beginning October 1 from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and enjoy the 3-course fixed price offer for $29. Choose from signature appetizers such as homemade chowder, baked mussels, or crispy squid, followed by delicious appetizers of beer-battered cod sandwich, clam pot pie, or spicy Thai mussel curry. Available Monday through Friday except Wednesday when they are closed.

That Hamptons International Film Festival celebrates its 30th anniversary this fall with an exciting series of feature films, documentaries, short films and film-related events. Rowdy Hall, just yards from the East Hampton Regal Movie Theater, will host casual talks with accomplished filmmakers in its restaurant over the first weekend of the festival. On Saturday, October 8th, the directors will present the indie favorite 2022 Everything everywhere at once will spoil the guests.

On Sunday, October 9th, a dynamic group of dedicated documentary filmmakers will discuss how their work can help ensure that multiple voices are heard in America’s democracy.

Finally, on Monday October 10th, you can spend your morning with Chris Columbus, the director of classics like Home Alone, Mrs. Doubtfire, The Goonies and several entries in the Harry Potter Franchise. The lectures are first come, first served with no admission fee and start at 10am. Don’t leave Kevin at home alone for this!

If you’re looking for some cool food content, check it out Taste of Long Island Youtube channel. Marina Putova, the creator and presenter of the young show, tours the The American Hotel in Sag Harbor in its premiere episode. The iconic home dates back to the American Revolution, with Putova allowing viewers to go behind the scenes as they explore the restaurant’s award-winning wine cellar, dining rooms and upstairs living space. Taste of Long Island also cooperates with Restaurant week on Long Island participating restaurants this fall. The videos will be released at the end of October before the start of the week of action on Sunday 6th November.

Did you know?: That Astro’s Pizza serves a mean vegan cake! Made with tomato sauce, cremini mushrooms, rosemary, red onion and Castelvetrano olives, it’s an unfailing way to satisfy your cravings without feeling guilty afterwards!… This Amber Waves offers fall classes for children, including a fall farmer class for toddlers on Mondays, a young farmer cookery class on Wednesdays, and an exploration garden every Saturday. Classes for adults include a pickling and canning workshop, a hot pepper class and a fall dahlia dig.

Bites & Bites: October means playoff baseball, and this postseason we have not one but two competitive ball clubs in New York. One of our favorite places to watch games is the clubhouse, which boasts 25 screens and serves happy hour every Thursday and Friday from 3pm to 6pm. Will we have a Subway World Series? Turn on!…

NoFo Pot Pies
NoFo Pot Pies

Sometimes all you need is home cooking to lift your spirits. NoFo Pot Pies Serves Chicken, Vegetarian, and Turkey Pot Pies, as well as Shepherd’s Pie, Jambalaya Pie, and Lobster Pot Pie. All knockouts. The cakes can be bought at Share the harvest farm in EastHampton, Tranquil Green in Sag Harbor and other places. Options may vary, so inquire about availability…

Heading to Greenport? anchor was recently honored Newsday List of the 100 Best Restaurants on Long Island! It offers one of the best harbor views in Greenport from its second-story patio, and the menu reflects the day’s catch and the weekly harvest. Standout entrees include the hickory smoked lamb breast, swordfish bone marrow and grilled whole lobster. Clean flavors.

food quote: “The pumpkin is the big brother of the apple.” -Corina Abdudalhm Negura

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