Central MN Human Trafficking Task Force receives $ 575,000 grant


ST. CLOUD – A local anti-trafficking task force has received a large grant.

On Friday, the Central Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force received a two-year scholarship of $ 575,000 from the Minnesota Office of Justice Programs. The funding will help the task force continue its work and expand its resources.

The task force is a partnership of many state and local organizations and law enforcement agencies, including the Stearns County Attorney’s Office, the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office, the St. Cloud Police Department, the Waite Park Police Department, the Terebinth Refuge, and Catholic charities.

The Central Minnesota Human Trafficking Task Force began in 2018 and to date has received over 350 leads, investigated over 100 cases, charged 44 crimes, and assisted more than 239 human trafficking victims.

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