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The Downtown Campus Library organizes “American Dime Novels Racialization / Erasure” in room 1020. The exhibition, curated by Nancy Caronia, professor at the Chair of English, includes a series of dime-novel covers that show how stereotypes affect state and national immigration policies.

“These front pages reflect not only past US history, but also current practices of 21st century immigration policy and discourse in both political and popular culture,” said Caronia.

Caronia received the faculty / staff exhibition award 2020-21 from the WVU libraries

Arts in the Libraries Committee for suggesting a visual presentation of their grant.

While working on an interdisciplinary volume examining how the American dime novel genre in the late 19th and early 20th century, Black and Chinese individuals and communities. “

Caronia’s work contributes to the literary studies of the American and Italian diaspora as well as contemporary migration and gender studies. In 2017 Caronia received a scholarship from the NEH Summer Institute for “American Material Culture: Nineteenth-Century New York” from the Bard Graduate Center to support this project. With this award, Caronia receives $ 1,000 in professional development grants.

As part of its mission, Art in the Libraries highlights the art and science of faculty, students and staff at WVU. Since 2018, the Art Committee has been judging and selecting a current WVU lecturer or employee in the libraries to design an exhibition that offers a visual further development of your work, visualizes your research and influences or answers a research question.

This exhibition is also available from the WVU libraries.

Learn more about the art in the Libraries Faculty / Staff Exhibits Award and Past Award Winners.

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