A&M Texarkana Teachers Selected for Tx Education Policy Program


Congratulations to Dr. Kelly Coke, who is one of 23 people selected for a Texas Education Fellowship program.

Dr. Kelly Coke is Senior Lecturer in Adult Education and Leadership Studies and Director of Programs at Texas A&M University-Texarkana, Northeast Texas Community College and Paris Junior College. She was selected to participate in Texas Tech University’s Texas Education Policy Fellowship Program (TX-EPFP). How special is that? For the ten-month advanced training program for young executives in the education sector, only a total of 23 educators or specialists from education-related areas were selected.

According to a press release, the program aims to develop participants’ leadership skills, expand their networks and improve their knowledge of Texan policy issues and the processes of educational policy development.

Dr. Coke said:

“I am honored and humbled to work as a Texas Education Policy Fellow 2021-2022 with these amazing, caring, bright, and talented leaders from all over the great state of Texas. I look forward to working and studying with them on education and higher education policy in Texas. “

As part of the program, Coke is specifically researching and working on Texas Transfer Policy to remove barriers for transfer students moving from community college to Texas University.

TX-EPFP members meet in September for a personal, overnight Fall Leadership Forum, followed by monthly synchronous online meetings. In April, the fellows will attend the four-day Washington Policy Seminar hosted by the Institute for Educational Leadership in Washington DC. Later this spring, the group will meet on the Texas Tech University campus to share their experiences and attend the program’s closing event.

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