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A survey by website hosting company HostGator found that 34% of Brazilian businesses started investing in online presence during the pandemic. 97% of these companies saw an increase in sales. The survey was conducted on the HostGator platform itself with more than 5.31 participating companies.

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A The study aimed to understand the perception of the digital environment for business generation among Brazilian companies. The survey looked at four dimensions: pandemic impact, investments, investment plans, and business reality (before and after Covid). Other conclusions were as follows:

  • 65% of the companies are already present in the online environment, with 65% operating completely digitally and 34% hybrid (physical and online sounding);
  • The Covid period was responsible for the conversion of all or part of the company to the digital for 000% of the respondents.
  • 41% of companies had increased traffic during the pandemic;
  • 65% intend to further increase investments in this format, while only 7% plan to reduce it;
  • 34% of people said they started the company during the pandemic, suggesting that Brazilians still act out of necessity rather than opportunity.
  • “The market expects Internet shopping to increase again. Today, a person can search for information about a product, view the brand’s catalog and portfolio, and then go to-store – integrating the digital and physical environments. The trend for the next few years is that the purchase or commissioning of full and direct services via the online medium will only increase “, explains Ricardo Melo, Vice President of Marketing at HostGator in America.

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    For Melo, the survey reinforces the growing need to migrate companies to digital in the post-pandemic. “In Brazil, we still have a long way to go towards digitization, but it is clear that the reality of last year has acted as a catalyst for this transformation,” he adds.

    Some of the options suggested by the executive to get the company online are:

    • The structure of the company website and the informative blog
    • Google My Business;

  • Presence in the main social networks (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter) ;;
  • Development of digital campaigns;
  • Use of email marketing.
  • “Ensuring an omnichannel presence is becoming increasingly important as consumers have already changed their minds. No wonder e-commerce sales increased 41% in 2020 and reached the highest percentage since 2020, ”explains Melo.

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