8 things that make you a “terrible” person


Normally I wouldn’t do that, but I had a “screwdriver” case after Thursday’s show. I was caught red-handed. I threw a half-full iced coffee in the bin and Marjo told me about it. They called me a “garbage bag”. So…


The ultimate dirtbag move. It just screams: “I have no respect for the steward”. Grow up and pour the liquid outside or in the sink, brother.

I literally saw a former colleague not wash his hands and then leave the door to the men’s room open after leaving. Never do that.

There is a reason. Don’t drive through them. STOP, then continue.

If you’re Rihanna that’s fine, but if you’re a guy, cut yours. Nails. Brothers.

That’s something I would do. Don’t walk out the door after winning $ 450 on keno without tipping the bartender and buying a round.

Eating with your mouth open and / or smacking your lips is never good looking. Most don’t even realize they’re doing it.

The picture below is probably a bad one; However, if you’re so lazy that you don’t change your clothes before bed, that’s a problem.

The ultimate scumbag move. With all due respect to those who are financially in trouble, writing a check to someone with insufficient money is just TERRIBLE.

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