22 Quad Cities gifts to get 2022 off to a good start

If your New Year resolution is to win more with B100, we’ll make sure you start the new year a winner. Thanks to several local Quad City companies, we are offering you the chance to win 22 prizes starting in 2022.

B100 clears the prize cupboard and we have 22 presents for one lucky winner to start the new year. Why 22 prices? 22 prizes because it will be 2022, duh.

Now through the end of the year, download the B100 app and sign up for gift cards, a sweatshirt, Pepsi’s, Mountain Dews, gift cards, water park tickets, and more. All to ensure your 2022 starts off with a bang.

We would like to thank these sponsors and the people who did not collect their prizes this year for being able to win them over with 22 unbelievable prizes.

Between Thursday, December 16, 2021, and Wednesday, December 29, 2021, download the B100 app and sign up to win 22 gifts to mark the start of 2022 can only register me via the B100 app!

If you are currently in the B100 app, log in using the form below.

Make sure you start 2022 a winner by receiving 22 gifts from these great local Quad Cities businesses and the Quad Cities # 1 Hit Music Station, B100!

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